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kinda like a lax bro but for volleyball. super chill and gets only the athletic guys who appriciate the beddie girls and understand them. plays volleyball almost everyday if they rnt working out or improving their form..tournaments everyweekend and during the summer 6am workouts with the team and then they go play in jungle ball tournaments or play beach for fun and totally kick butt in beach. super cool and chill and love to just have fun and play volleyball!


socks-mizuno calf-high or nikes black or white

shoes- slides, nike shoes

shorts- wear spandex under everything, nike shorts,

sweatpants or just go spandex

shirt- volleyball tournament shirt or polo

other- have their lanyard aroung their necks (usually a mizuno, nike, or othr volleyball lanyard) costas, and have a great body :)
look at that total volleyball beddie

at volleyball tournaments its filled with beddies
by volleyballchick27 May 18, 2011
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