A man man, who has a over grown penis, and when he has sexual inter-course, he feints, due to too much blood in his penis. A girl can be referred to be ' Vodka'd '. Vodka is the only one who can do this.
There was a big orgy, and Vodka was their, and he Vodka'd loads of people.
by Rupert666 August 25, 2008
I was so hammered on half a big bottle of voddi i smashed it over dis dudes head from 2021 n actually wasted all da rest of da vodka ! N den i got fukin arrested !!!!!!!!
Vodka fukin rules it does da trick !!!
by gurny boi June 23, 2004
In Croatian, water is called woda, the same as in Polish! Except u spell it voda.
Zedan sam....napi se vode konju
by Drazen April 27, 2004
mmmmmmmmmmm something me and my mates drink evry friday nite wen we go street beatin. gets u fucked up so u dnt rememba wot happened nd den at skool on monday u find out tings u didint even no u did
sssmmmiirrrnnoofffffffffffffff vodka !
by Reppin Luton May 09, 2005
A disgusting concoction often served at a mates house party *cough zoe... hannah talyor....cough* and causes the drinker to talk rubbish, do thing to random people, and trying to walk through a hedge because "We're in the maaattrixx!! Seriously guys, I can do it, if I belieeeeve".
Cheap and nasty, the only stuff we can afford to get uss hammered.
by Meelee June 18, 2003
Swedish liquid. Drunk by Russians
Vodka - govno.
by Ivanoff July 11, 2003
Russian water
Dimitri get this man some vodka.
by Dietydan May 13, 2016
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