A alcoholic beverage, commonly made from fermented grain or potatoes, approximately 180% proof, enjoyed by teachers everywhere.
Uh oh, looks like Fox got into the Vodka again.
by Anonamouse May 08, 2003
To say Vodka is equal to expressing that something is cool, enjoyable, or very fun/exhilarating. It can also be used as a verb, in the place of celebrating or otherwise dancing for long periods of time.
My god, this sandwich is simply vodka!

Aw man, that roller coaster was totally vodka.

Hey, you wanna vodka at my house tonight?

That old guy is vodka to the max!
by Airflare July 29, 2009
What Aaron Tijerina drinks extremely large quantities of during any given period of time.
Aaron Tijerina is drunk again, he must have got his pay check today.
by Eric January 07, 2005
an acholic liquid that has two strikes against choosing it over the plethora of other, more worthy liquors: an unappealing, shoe-polish-like taste and the fact that it becomes less and less as more and more is ingested, to the point that it garners no reactions at all, and you fucking projectile vomit all over your hosts' curtains, carpet, couch, dog, television, and fiancee. This weakness/numbing is a feature of many of the 'light' liquors. Despite this, it remains a favorite of many female, and especially, underage drinkers
I saw my dinner after eleven shots of vodka.
by bobdole September 05, 2003
people like vodka, little boys get addicted to it. ya the smart ass ones who are ctually smart but turn to dum mushpots after drink fith of vodka for 2 weeks or so
Ass: poor little boy, so young...

Wipe: too bad
by anonoymous pig June 30, 2004
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