A girl's new bestfriend
girl's bestfriend, vodka, alcohol, fun nights, summer
by A_oyster21 June 15, 2010
A Drink made for men, but drank by retarded teens to look cool.
Dad: I think I'm going to drink some Vodka right now.
Son: Can I have some dad ?
Dad: Shut the fuck up son *beats son to the ground*.
Son: whyyyyyy!?!?!
Dad: You wouldn't appreciate it.
by jack o' langue August 04, 2006
A drink commonly associated with Russia, but actually invented in 14th century Poland. Polish peasants created it naming it "wodka" (meaning water, because it was a clear alcohol) as a cure for the Black Plague, however it also become a substitute for the spoiled water supply from disease and death commonplace back during the plague's terror.

It spread throughout Poland, (which then included a large part of Ukraine and Belarus) reaching Russia.

Made from either grain alcohol or potato. Vodka from Finland and Poland is generally stronger than Russian vodka.
There is an old saying that goes:

The Russians drink water with vodka.

The Finns drink vodka with water.

The Poles drink vodka like water.
by Bartender73 April 06, 2013
Russian Water. Very good without anything except bread (dont eat bread, it costs to much, just sniff) fine dinning.
Ya Tosha Gavoru Pa Ruski. Mudak
by In my Pants May 17, 2005
A drink that Russians claim to have invented, but was actually invented by the Polish.
Russians take credit for everything, probably because they have memory loss from drinking way too much vodka.
by поляк October 22, 2015
Liquid found in rivers, lakes, bars, veins, rain, dew, and ground in and surrounding the quiant country of Poland. Its origins are most likely based off the Polish word for water (woda-->wodka(then through a dumb translation)-->vodka(stupid Anglo-Saxon pronounciation)). It is an odderless alcoholic beverage, and it is very potent. A Polish (and Russian/Ukranians) blood alcohol limit is higher (scientific fact) then other world ethnicitys because of the high consumption of this liquid over these countries history. Its dirt cheap. You can buy it anywhere from bars, liquor stores, gas stations, the guy down the street, to little Piotreks backyard shed. It comes in a wide variety of potencies, anywhere form 40% and up really. Take your pick. Most people who dislike the drink, have: 1.) Drank shitty Smirnoff (which is the WORST excuse for vodka I have ever had the displeasure of drinking a 26er of). 2.) Enjoy female drinks like American/Canadian beer/draft, coolers, or tasty(read=pussy) alcohols like "sambuca" or "flavored rums". 3.) Never tried REAL vodka from: Poland, Russia, Ukraine, or any slavic nation. 4.) Have neve rhad Zubruwka (one of the best vodkas I ahve ever ahd the pleasure of drinking a 40 of).
Examplse of Vodkas, many, many uses.
"I had a rat infestation, so I put puddles of vodka on the ground"
"My boss pissed me off so I injected him with vodka"
"My wife pissed me off so I drank a bottle, and she didn't piss me off anymore"
"uwalilem sie jak zwierze, cyzsta wodka!"Remember, when in a bar in Poland all you need to remember is:
Vodka, czysto, z lodem. A few of those, and your dandy!
by Tyskie lepsze nisz wszystkie! September 09, 2005
Nail polish remover put into a fancy bottle.
The other day I drank some vodka.. it tasted like shit.
by Kathleen the green bean December 09, 2006
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