drinking a half a fifth of this a hour before you have to go home is a really, really bad idea if your underage and your parents were expecting you home at 11, not one in the morning.
expect to tell everybody every secret you have, and to talk to that hot guy you always saw at school but never had the courage to talk to in person.

you will tell him everything you've ever thought about him.

also, never drink around ex boyfriends, or ex boyfriends ex girlfriends, or ex friends' friends.
sarah: dudeeeee even though we have to be home in a hour lets get drink a fifth of vodka!! nothing bad could happen!
by thatstatuethere July 31, 2008
liquid heaven. yum yum yum yum yum yum.
omg that is vodka, lets drink it
by luckybob March 27, 2008
Russian courage! Gives you heat when you walk in the snow and lets you think you can sleep in it. Helped russian soldiers in WW2 getting killed for their nation!!!
Lowers inhibition to the "GET NAKED" point.
Also helps you play poker.

Russia equals Quebec but with less partys and less snow (I admit it's colder in Russia)
Vodka....we need some vodka, we need some VODKA!!! HEY HEY HEY!!!!!!! VODKA WE NEED SOME VODKA..........

Guy 1: Hey my glass of vodka is almost empty.......
Guy 2: DAMN FILL IT UP!!!! FILL IT UP!!!!!!!

1st Quebecer: Hey my glass of vodka is almost empty........ I'ma drink it one shot but could you please bring the Waterbong closer???
2nd Quebecer: Yeah which Bong do you want??? Don't worry I'm 18 I can buy alcohol any time I want!!!!
by Alecks_THE_REAL_ONE January 19, 2008
The best drink in the world especially when mixed with the pine apple juice.This concoction will make you spek like never before and say things that were ment to be kept inside.
" Hey...did you know that i fucked your brother?"
" HOly shit!! did you hear that!? MAria must have had some Vodka"
by A verry hott sexxy chick January 09, 2004
The blood that runs through every Russian's veins.
Steve: An American's veins are full of beer, how about a Russians?

John: Vodka.
by John the Funny Guy July 27, 2011
A strong alcohol, often used as water in Russia. Only real men can drink it directly.
Russian: I would like to have a glass of water please!
Bartender: You mean vodka?
Russian: ... That's what I meant. Don't you ever listen?
by James222 January 31, 2015
Nickname of Dylan Klebold, one of the Columbine killers. Second to REB DoMiNe, or Eric Harris.
-Hey, REB.
-Yeah, VoDkA?
-This is fun!
-Kill as many motherfuckers as you can!
by GoDDess- December 26, 2010
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