A drink that can be either complete shit or damn fine. Has one of the most delicate tastes if properly filtered. Quartz filtered vodka recomended over a charcoal filter
I had four shots of Stolichnaya and it was damn fine.


I had a bottle of Smirnoff vodka and I couldn't touch the shit. Couldn't even use that to make a fuckin' cocktail!!
by Venerie April 30, 2005
Basically, alcohol mixed with water. An alternative to just plain raw alcohol, invented by people who did not die like 4 seconds after drinking it (and apparently wanted more). Go to any spot in Russia you can buy it for like 50 kopeiks (2 cents) a bottle

Comes from the Russian word "water" (meaning that the Russians practically drink it as if it was water)
V Vodke Yest Vitamin
Skazal Tovarish Ho Chi Minh

-Ho Chi Minh
by Minh Chi Ho March 15, 2005
Has 3 meanings:

1. Clear alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain or potatoes

2. Water in Russia, since most water found in russia that is not frozen is hazordous to your health and may be fatal

3. God in Russia, the Russian God, or, the God of the Russian people, or perhaps just the poor bums on the streets of Russia
" Let's have some vodka! "

" Vodka is life, he looks like he needs it "

" All hail vodka! "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
The only thing better than whiskey.
$30 for a fifth of Jack?!? Get some Smirnoff instead.
by Jimmers October 05, 2003
One of the main things that Russians drink. In Russian everyone drinks vodka like water. Vodka is very cheap in Russia, you could buy it for about a nikle a bottle.
Kosta:Andrey napelsa chevota.
Denes:Naverna on plasnool sebe vodke.
by Andre July 07, 2005
Vodka is the favorite russian drink includes spirit and water. Normaly it's 40 or higher degrees. In Russia it's important part of meeting, love, sex and friendship. In other countries it's coctail ingridient.
Misha: Let's meet tonight sweety!
Anna: Shure honey, bring some vodka for us to make our date hot!
by Jazzy77 April 02, 2007
Vodka is lube
Jane: I can't have sex with you.

Tarzan: Then have vodka, now!
by Aradya December 10, 2009
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