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Authorities on the Viva bus, located in York Region in Ontario. You do not have to show a ticket to get on the Viva, as they are purchased at the bus stop before boarding. Viva police, or vo po, patrol random buses asking everyone for their tickets. If you are caught without a ticket, you are given a $150.00 fine. As you rarely encounter these people on your bus ride, the Viva is commonly called freeva.
John and I were about to get onto the freeva before we spotted the vo po.
Andrew was busted by the vo po.
by Pepe A September 01, 2007
A mixture of vodka and pomegranate juice. Add extra vodka, and it becomes a vovopo.
"Hey dude, pour me a vopo."
"Beer's not good enough for you?"
"Nah, I wanna get wasted fast."
by Rick man October 19, 2006
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