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vj law of multi-racialism: The necessay condition for a society with multi- racial,multi-cultural, and multi- linguistic mix to be in harmony while progress towards economic and human development as a nation
VJ law of multi-racialism: Singapore is the best example as has proved for more than half a century practiced above idea to be a nation among developed from a state of developing city state.
by ccdc February 17, 2010
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vj law of multiracialism: any nation can prosper to be an economic power house and a champion human development if it follow pathof multiracial ,multi religious and mult cultural cohesion and built as a nation of people by the people and to the people adopting harmony among people of all faith, races and cultures
VJ law of multiracialism.:singapore over the past 5 decades defined and practiced principle of multiraialsm
by ccdc January 29, 2010
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