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A sexual position where one man stretches his anus open and the other shits in it.
Man 1: I was having sex with Dave last night.

Man 2: The usual Vithooshan?

Man 1: Yeah, we used one of my baby's diapers.
#goatse #meatspin #vito #penis #ryan
by Jack Wang May 10, 2007
Someone who can hold their diarrhea for four days or more because he or she is afraid of taking a shit in a public washroom.
Boyne River, 2002
Day 1 Tutu: I need to take a shit, but if I take a shit now, people will make fun of me.
Day 2 Tutu: I need to take a shit, but I guess I can hold it for just a bit longer.
Day 3 Tutu: I need to shit real bad... The pressure is killing me...
Day 4 Tutu: Oww... I can't walk... it hurts my rectum.

Clark: You're such a queer Vithooshan.
#goatse #ass #penis #clark #balls
by Mr. Hands May 15, 2007
Someone who loves Chinese girls.
Vito: I love Mabel Chan.
Clark: You are such a Vithooshan.
#clark #goatse #mabel #vito #penis
by gowtham February 06, 2008
Somebody who indulgences in the art of feces. Being one includes the excretion, application, and receiving of said feces. Also maternally related to gracelee the africannibal.
Bob: I'm going toilet

Vithooshan: Can you save it for me please?

Bob: No

Vithooshan: Then just take a dump in my hands please, ill pay
#vito #vithooshan #penis #goatse #nutsack #tutu #tooshy #visooan #vitooshan
by truthofvito February 09, 2008
Someone who takes various (usually anywhere over 4) months to admit anything.
Month 1: "Ew. I don't watch porn..."
Month 2: "No! I don't watch porn!"
Month 3: "Stop asking! I don't watch porn!"
Month 4: "Seriously. You can check my laptop. I don't watch porn."
Month 5: "OKAY! I admit it! I do watch porn!!!"
The Questioner: "Wow. It took you 5 months to admit it. You're such a vithooshan."
#goatse #penis #vito #clark #porn
by Ringman February 08, 2008
Somebody who urinates in his surroundings in the middle of then night then panicking blames it on the closest person of Oriental descent.
Vithooshan: O shize, i pissed everywhere, Long its all your fault

Long: *cries and runs away*

Vithooshan: I love africans
#goatse #penis #vithooshan #vito #vitooshan #nutsack
by LongLiu February 08, 2008
Also known as the Vithooshan Principle. If the person is of greater or equal manliness of a Vithooshan, then that person watches porn.
Greer: My brother watches porn! WTF!
Twig: Duh, don't you know the Vithooshan Principle?
Greer: Oh that makes sense now!
Twig: Moop.
#goatse #penis #balls #ass #dave #clark #jack
by Jim Kong Il May 03, 2008
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