a very much cooler way to say the word bitch. which is of course a female dog or another word for ho'
Give me some of that weed, or im gonna have to kick your ass vitch!
by wil July 07, 2004
Top Definition
a shorter term for a vagina itch or a itchy vagina.
i had a vitch all day
by yo0o0o0o0O May 05, 2010
Someone who to call them a 'bitch' is too much of an understatement. There are in fact a vicious bitch. A vitch.
I can't believe she did that. Damnit, she's such a vitch.
by hotkins101 August 13, 2009
When you have an itch in the vaginal area.
"Why do I always get v-itch's in public!"
by The Real Micheal Jackson March 12, 2009
A cross between a Vagina and a Bitch.
Jesus Christ woman, why are you being such a Vitch today?
by Zowill April 13, 2011
Bitchy girl stalker with a sharp chin that thinks she "hella" belongs in "Cali"

The V indicates the sharpness of chin
That girl M is such a Vitch. Her chin is so sharp that it can impale you!
by Vitch Hater November 10, 2008
when u say something and u say just joking but u really mean it.
vinny says to hunter and jordan why can't you just be happy for me and then vinny says just joking and then gets called a vitch.
by tinjitsu February 21, 2008
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