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Slang describing the pill form of 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), the club drug known as "ecstacy" or just "X".
Before you go down to the dance floor, don't forget to take your vitamin X, 'cause it does a body good.
by pr0ntab January 08, 2004
Anti-depressants and mood stabilizing medcations such as Paxil, Prozac, Zanex and Zoloft, or any other hyper-comercialized pharmacutical product prescribed to treat symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, and/or obsessive disorders.
"Looks like somebody didn't get thier vitamin x today."
by John Harmsworth January 07, 2004
Slang for the designer drug Ecstasy.
Yo, Dude... you got some, you know... vitamin 'X'?
by Ezra Alexander January 07, 2004
A vitamin which has thrown off its slave name.
I am no longer Vitamin Little. From this day forth, I am Vitamin X.
by Hopped Up on Vitamins January 09, 2004
A fake vitamin used to explain an overly large dick.
"Damn man, he has to be takin some vitamin X"
by Pens January 07, 2004
an unknown vitamin
School Nurse: What vitamins do you take?
Student: I don't know what it's called...
School Nurse: Then we'll call it "Vitamin X".
by Lena January 09, 2004
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