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Windows Vista is Microsoft's upcoming operating system (OS), due to be released in December of 2006. It will be the most powerful and most technologically advanced system in history, and will integrate web security into it's core (unlike all other Microsoft Products).

It will be the first system using DirectX 10, which is supposedly a big step forward in graphics technology. Halo 2 will be released ONLY for Vista, as an incentive. Also, Flight Simulator 2006 (aka FSX) will be released, and will unleash the next generation of simulated flight.

Microsoft has received much criticism due to excessive focus on visual features, rather than performance, within Windows Vista. Also, the price of Vista Ultimate is expected to be in the appauling $200-400 range, which may possibly worsen Microsoft's low sales (due to the XBOX 360).

Recently, they have received immense criticism for Microsoft's security and privacy settings, and have been accused of making spyware, known as the WGA (Windows Genuine Notification). Unfortunately, this technology will be integrated and unremovable from Vista, which also may decrease their popularity and sales.

System requirements also pose an issue to many consumers, due to their lack of the latest technology, which is QUITE out of reach to most, due to price. Microsoft recommends Vista users to have Dual-Core 64-bit Processors, and at LEAST 1GB Dual-Channel DDR2 Memory, and PCI-Express Motherboards. These features are still extremely expensive at this time, and with people not having access to it, Vista will have dramatically less copies sold.

Pirated copies of Windows Vista will not function, due to "genuine-technology", so millions of users from third-world countries may be stuck with Windows XP or earlier versions.

Last, but certainly not least, Internet Explorer 7 will be released with Windows Vista, and is said to be "much improved, secure and optimized", however many users will not be using it due to IE's history and lack of trust for Microsoft's browser.
Tom: ...and you know how bad IE is-
Joe: IE 7 is supposed to be really good!
Tom: I don't give a s**t, Firefox is better-
Joe: BUT-
Tom: Shut up!
Joe: Ok.... (sad) Anyway, I can't wait for FS2006, FS2004 Sucked!
Tom: I know, but your computer isn't good enough, and you can't afford Vista.
Joe: Ok.... (crying) What about Halo 2?
Tom: Nope
Joe: Ok.... (weeping)
by gplpark92 August 07, 2006
The Windows Operating system which will replace XP. Vista was known as Longhorn in developement. Other great names such as Windows ME were a flop, this could be a sign of Windows Vista going under.
When Windows Vista crashes.

"Hasta la Vista Baby" (Cardboard Hammer, HardOCP, 7-22-2005)

I can't network my Windows Vista.
by Flysak July 25, 2005
A state of being fucked up passed "Mega Baked". So baked that you are near retarded!
Freddy is so fucking ripped that he's at Vista.
by JAM May 16, 2004
one who is fucked up in the head; retard
the vista decided to discuss the history of the hamburfer for an hour at the baseball game
by danny jay April 12, 2003
The fuckin best city in the world.
Vista has the coolest people.
by Fuckin A Dude November 02, 2003
An Excellent OS by Microsoft who many dipshitting fucktards who have no knowledge whatsoever about kernel and system files bitch about. listen up retards, if you don't know anything about Vista, Don't bother posting it.

Vista has some excellent features, notable among them is Support for DX10 API, BitLocker, Aero3D Interface, an improved security system and loads of other features. while it's indeed an incremental update when compared to windowsXP, the Support for DX10 will be the selling point here. as for the Mac Idiots who think Vista Copied MAC OS TEN, get a fucking life! I am not a Microsoft Fanboy and i disagree with many decisions they've made so far but Vista is 2x Better than OS TEN any fucking day, any fucking time, for starters it ACTUALLY supports hardware and software and you aren't left with what Apple thinks is best for you. as for bad drivers for Vista, that's not MS's Fault, Vista was in Beta1,2 and then it was released as RTM. if you want to blame someone, blame companies like Creative, LinkSys, Netgear and others. Bottomline is all the dipshits who're calling Vista Virus Spyware and what not can go fuck themselfs. because they don't know Jackshit and the only reason why they're even writing it because it's "t3h c00lz"
Vista has many versions with Start being the most stripped down and Ultimate Being the most expensive.
by 24 June 04, 2007
One boy asked me, Where are Samoans from? We thought about it for a while, and a girl by the name of Mikela responded, Vista.
Vista, home of the Samoans.
by TRUE STORY April 01, 2005