An OS made by Microsoft that has more errors and malfunctions than XP, their previous OS, but can be set to be cooler-looking (although chances are that your graphics card won't be able to run MS Word with the transparency and stuff turned on).
It would be better than Leopard in terms of what it can do, if it could only do those things without crashing as much as it does. Whether or not it's prettier than Leopard is debatable, but it doesn't really matter, because it's a computer program, not a piece of art. It really comes down to this: if you have a LOT patience, get Vista. If you don't want to actually do things with your computer, get Leopard. Of course, the choice is really this: get something pretty, like Vista or Leopard, or get something that works, i.e. XP.
Ted: Hey, I just got Vista today. It's got pretty colors.
Fred: I have OSX. It's like Vista, except it doesn't crash.
Jack: I have XP. I can do things with it, AND it doesn't crash when I do.
Ted: Well... Are your windows transparent?
Jack: No, but I can open them without crashing my computer.
Fred: Is your monitor 42" and pretty? Does it contain your, uh, vidja card, and C-poo?
Jack: No, my monitor fits through doorways, and I can upgrade my computer.
by The Anonymouse August 22, 2008
When Bill Gates went batshit. See useless.
Honestly, this pile of shite won't run for longer than 10 minutes without crashing or dimming your screen for a window that says "OMG YOU JUST MOVED YOUR MOUSE ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DO THIS". NOTHING is compatible with it. Unless you have shitloads of ram and an epic processor, stick with XP. IF you have shitloads of ram and an epic processor, stick with XP. Also, stfu linux fanboys, where's your .exe's? ;) INSTALL FROM THE COMMAND LINE, LEET
Person 2 (Common sense): It looks nice but it's unreliable as fuck.
Person 2 (Common sense): No, it's useless.
by bjz August 19, 2009
See: scapegoat.
Windows Vista has become a scapegoat for a great deal of computer users blaming their machines and operating systems, not their own idiocy. Don't get me wrong, though - Windows Vista is a TERRIBLE operating system
by FirmWare March 31, 2010
A terminal illness of windows
Vista -
see: Blue screen
by TiberianFiend October 11, 2009
Virtual Instant Surveillance Tactical Application.
Pentagon uses VISTA and INTEL to monitor the world
by septimus67 January 19, 2009
A great big fucking view of awesome shit.
Keith: "Now there's a nice vista for the boys!"
Tom: "Wow, that's fucking awesome!"
Mike (as he reaches for his phone): " Instagraaaam!"
by tommythetoe July 16, 2013
A type of anger after being forced to update most of your software or find replacements.
Jim was vista, when he found out that his authoring software could not recognize his DVD burners. (Magix movie edit pro 10)

Tom had a vista of a time trying to render a movie. (Carrara 5 pro)

Little Susan was vista hart broken when she found out that her game would not run. (Activision’s The Movies)
by Dueyftw November 04, 2007

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