A very unstable operating system designed by Microsoft.
Tom: Hows Vista working for ya?
Joe: ...
by Mike Archambault September 13, 2007
Microsoft's suicide attempt, after years of grueling research Microsoft's top engineers determined that combining extremely expensive OS prices, too many damn versions with all except ultimate being crippled in some way, shitty compatibility, an OS with a "pretty GUI" resulting in a resource black hole which in turn cost people more money to upgrade only to discover that despite upgrading to the largest amount of memory and most expensive Processor, that due to it's being modeled on black hole physics their computers are no faster than before, they also made sure to make it difficult to use and find things, included a user agony and cruelty infliction system(commonly known as UAC), and decided that to truly piss off admins that even when running as administrator you aren't truly administrator.
Microsoft Engineer1: The tests results from the beta testers for vista are in: anger, frustration, and incidences of user on computer violence are up 300%.
Microsoft Engineer2: wow that's better than predicted.
Microsoft Engineer1: Yeah, and even better 50% of the test subjects committed suicide after a month of using it, another 19% went insane within one month, and another 30% switched to another OS or stopped using computers completely after a month.
Microsoft Engineer2: What about the remaining 1%?
Microsoft Engineer1: That is made up entirely of masochists.
Microsoft Engineer2: Ok then we are good for release, if this doesn't kill us nothing will.
Microsoft Engineers1: With our expertise there is no way this can fail.....unless of course the majority of the population suddenly starts getting off on self inflicted pain.
by Former Microsoft Fanboy August 15, 2008
The Next P.O.S. Operating System from Microsoft. Formerly Code Named 'Long Horn'.
Windows (L)User:"Hey Dude, After using XP for so long I can't wait to experience Vista!"

Linux User:"It's still going to be Shit; You should use Linux."

Windows (L)User:"But Microsoft Vista Is gonna have neato things like "Virtual Folders", whatever those are. Sounds Technical! I want to use it."

Linux User:"...WTF? STFU!"
by Charles Butler July 24, 2005
Microsoft's newest operating system that has strikingly familiar speeds, quirks, and errors to Windows ME. Rumored to be the fastest and most aesthetically pleasing Windows OS yet but proof of these claims have rarely been seen by users. Mostly, an advertising scheme between Microsoft and computer hardware manufacturers to get you to purchase the newest and most expensive components on the market.
example 1:
We are Microsoft.
You and your data will be assimilated into Windows Vista and merged with the non-backwards compatible collective.
Resistance is futile.

Example 2:
MacOS X: Vista Aero... i am your father.
MacOS X: Search your feelings... you know it to be true.

Yeah, i use Ubuntu Linux and i'm a nerd... so fucking what?
by nunsgetnakedforjesus April 25, 2008
remember Windows ME?

Vista is like re-living through all that, but will probably be worse.
LOL, your vista computer crashed again. At least my Windows ME computer runs once in awhile.
by cschermes April 22, 2009
This is used to describe any computer-based software which is poorly designed; with countless software bugs and poor performance in general. Particularly inherent to this quality is the software company's inability to fix reproducible software bugs on a timely basis or even acknowledge them; furthermore, shifting the blame on 3rd party software developers for the problems seen in the software.
Most Logitech products (particularly their newer webcams) are just like Vista.
by mkanet March 05, 2008
Windows XP... with 75% more annoyances! Yay!
Bob: You got Vista?
Joe: Yeah, but it cost me an extra $375 to run it... and it freezes all the time. You thinking about upgrading?
Bob: Nah, man. I hate Mac OSX. I don't need a half assed emulation of it.
by Griffler December 12, 2006
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