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A really tight vagina
Sally was like a vise when I made love to her last night. Even though she's just a freshman, she swears she wasn't a virgin. There was no blood, so she didn't have a hymen, but it was extremey hard to get in. It felt wonderfull once I did penetrate her.
by BRD May 04, 2005
1. something or someone that is legit
2. to hold, press, or squeeze
3. a tight grip, a "vise grip"
4. vise = tight
the game last night was so vise, bro!
by ktbj April 04, 2011
variant of 'revise'. to learn for the first time, usually just before an exam when you were meant to have known something months ago
shhh, he's trying to vise
by teppic January 24, 2006
Holding something together momemtarily.
A kiss will only vise this fight we are having momentarily.
by Alex March 31, 2005
A queer person; usually a girl that is obsessed with ugly animals like chinchillas. A vise is usually about 4 feet tall and ugly as a shart. Also, they usually copy people and take myspace pictures that make people throw up in their mouth. They also think they are cool no-it-alls.
Ashley is such a vise!
by Matthew SHerwood September 20, 2008
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