THe biggest, scariest, fattest, blackest, and most pimpinest panda this side of the universe.
Viscera is the WWF's mascot.
by Pac0 June 05, 2005
Top Definition
1. Internal organs, guts etc.
2. WWE wrestler with a sexual appetite that makes mark henry seem gay
1. The maniac tortured the helpless female victim and cut out her viscera when he was finished
2. Viscera is WWE's biggest pimp since the godfather
by Gstring Strangler July 01, 2005
One of the members of WWE's "the ministry" along with gangrel, undertaker, mideon,the brood(edge and christian), and the apa(faarooq and bradshaw)
Viscera is one of WWE's best.
by Unknown March 18, 2005
The best wrestler EVER, a close second being Adam Bomb
Viscera is the fucking man
by abe January 27, 2005
Viscera is an extremely talented Garage/Freeform Rock band from Roseville,CA. The band Consists of vocalist George Darden,Bassist Trevor Mcrary,Guitarist Jake Kilgore,and Drummer Scott Sax
Dude, did your hear the new Viscera song? It's sick
by chorchie January 07, 2008
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