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Replaying memories of films or television shows in one' s mind; usually with others as a group activity. Sometimes faulty or coded.
Group engaging in virtual tivo (example):

GM (Group member) 1: "You watch "Everyone Hates Eddie"" You: umm, no.
Group turns away.
GM1: Did you remember when Eddie puts the box .."
GM 2: "that thing..what was it? It wasn't a ring...'
GM3:"Oh, yeah, that was a ring, it was the wrong ring."
(Group laugh)
GM2:"Yeah and when Chica came it and sat on it .."
(Group laugh)
GM1:"He's like, sweetie, would you like to come in the kitchen, have some coffee.."
GM3:" She found it, she's trying to put it on her finger" GM2:"Tina walked in and lost it"
GM3: Chica is like (Group shout) YES! and Tina's like EDDIE?!" GM3: "Chica said YOU LOSER! and throws the ring at Eddie...
GM1: it goes does the drain...
(Group laugh, except you who doesn't watch the program)
by Teenzilla December 23, 2008
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