A beautiful gift. Once you loose it, you can never get it back. It is the pureness and innocence of young girls. Men are usually ashamed of it, but for women, it is something to be proud of. If a woman has a strong will and a pure mind, her virginity can last her whole life.
I have chosen to keep my virginity because I respect my body, unlike some of the disgusting whores out there.
#pure #innocent #beautiful #virgin #whore
by *Artemis* March 20, 2010
The state of not having had penetrative sex. Someone who is in this state is termed a virgin. Losing it tends to hurt, mostly for women, but sometimes for men as well. It also has a fuckload of meaning in society (pardon the pun). Men see it as a curse, women keep it for one reason or the other. Why?

For men, getting laid for the first time is harder than hitting a hole-in-one (again I apologize for my punnyness). Dudes don't know the cues and technique to woo effectively at first. The faster one loses it, the more experience and confidence earned compared to one's peers, the easier courtship becomes, the easier it is to find ms right and get bizay.

Women keep it because its so easy to lose for them. If one is at least disturbingly average, all she needs to do is ask. So women value it, and it gains more interest than harvard's endowment did over the last century. Of course, women don't value it as much in men b/c men tend to suck the first time.

For both sexes of course, regardless of their stance, losing it is pretty fucking magical. There are also those crazy mofos who believe virginity is the key (or keyhole) to heaven....which sorta explains why losing it is so pretty fucking magical.

Oh and for you asswipes out there, virginity is *given*, equally by both men and women. It cannot be a "taking" if you give it and should not be actually taken from anybody, male or female. Semantics, people! They most certainly DO fucking matter!
Dude 1: "I'm getting laid tonight!"
Dude 2: "Shut the fuck up, ya fuckin virgin. Make me a sammich!"

Girl 1: "That's it, no more waiting. I'm losing it."
Girl 2: "Don't be such a slut!"

Dude: "I just lost my virginity!"
Samuel L Jackson: "Motherfucka, do I have to read you a motherfuckin script!?! Thrust, mothafucka, I said thrust!"

Dude: 8----------->
Girl: "This is my first time"
Dude: 8---------------------------------------------->

Han Solo: "Let the virginity be with you."
Luke Skywalker: "Man, fuck you! I frenched my sister for crying out loud! I am scarred for life! You are such a dick!"
Han: "Shut the fuck up n make me a sammich."
#vajayjay #virgin #dick #hymen #get laid
by tomazgeofferson August 02, 2012
Often mistyped as "virginity".
If you're a /b/tard, you would have lost this long ago. Probably to a helpless, pre-teen female (occasionally male, especially if trap).

See also: loli.
Regular, inferior, Internet user: hi lol cn u taek my virginities plx ;-;;
/b/tard: NO U
#there are #no #girls #on #the internet
by Anonymous__ November 28, 2006
A truly meaningless state of being, specifically, that of someone yet to engage in sexual intercourse with another person. Some people grant it more cachet or stigma than it truly deserves, in all honesty.

That being said, there is something uniquely thrilling about taking someone else's virginity.
"Virginity's nothing to be ashamed of, it's a state of being." - Inara Serra, Firefly, episode 8, "Jaynestown"
#whore #slut #maiden #virgin #purity
by KHD April 14, 2006
A condition that is not considered a disease by the medical community, yet a vocal minority who has never met children younger than 12 claims it to be so. Contrary to popular belief, it is not restricted to the female gender.
Virginity? Ew. You're nothing until you get laid.
#childhood #sex #first time #prude #virgin
by Insert Nickname Here June 20, 2010
Something that only Americans value and only religious zealots keep.

Something that can be unfortunate to have or be brutally taken away

If you have it, you don't want it (or God has it)
If you lost it, you want it

A stupid word which has no meaning beacause intercourse is a completely natural act that humans were meant to perform
The "good" girl kept her virginity for her God while the "bad" girl went out and had the night of her life

The "geek" studied his math homework while the "pimp" fucked every slut he knew and got an STD.

(Stereotypes are so stupid theyre funny)
#sex #cherry #intercourse #love #marriage
by YummyCarpet May 09, 2006
Something that you'll most likely lose in your life since 99.9% of the human race craves some wild, hardcore sex more than delicious, plentiful food... which there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

Buy some condoms, look good, and nail anyone you see attractive.
I losed my virginity and it caused me to earn me some prison time (for nailing a minor and ratting me out).
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