Supposedly a personal trait that makes one "pure". Unfortunately, the very knowledge of it seems to have unintented effects.

For men, it makes them feel ashamed that they have it because they think it represents immaturity or something along that line. For women, it makes them lie that they have it because they think it makes them less of a slut.

For the religious and/or conservative, having it makes them believe they're imbued with magical powers, which may remain ONLY if they lose their virginity in marriage.
College Geek: I still have my virginity...

College Whore: I still have my virginity!

College Professor: I still have my powers!
by BusinessMan April 22, 2005
A mythological noun that determines the purity of someone. It is kept with a person until the first time they engage in sexual activity, and then it is lost forever.

Guys must be careful; make sure that the girl whom you take the virginity from is a good one. If you try to leave this girl, she will use it to try to make you feel lower than dirt, and it will hit hard.
Girl: "You took my virginity! You took something that nobody else can have! I can never get it back, do you get that?"

Boy: "Oh shuddup, like Matt's pierced tounge and your vibrator are any different from my cock."
#virginity #sex #dirty #pure #girls
by 2009ends August 04, 2009
the stage in any boy/girl's life which they are sexually innocent; never had intercourse. in my area, most guys lost it around 14-16, and girls usually 13-15..but naturally there are exceptions. girls can really keep it as long as they like (if they can resist temptation)with no problem. but of course for guys it's a different story. other guys will either admire you for it, or they'll use it against you in certain ways. i'm sure some of you know what i mean, the typical guy busting on your balls "you wouldn't know what to do with it", as if watching porn doesn't teach you anything, idiot.. that's just a small example.
i believe my uncle was talking about not "getting any" for a while, so i made one little joke(clear as day joke)to him about it. so he then very promptly and seriously (not joking at all) brings up my virginity and that i "can't get none". geeze dave, why don't you just smack me in the nuts for no reason while your at it? this is why guys are ashamed of virginity, cause others can just go around giving you a low blow like that without even knowing you that well..
#virgin #sex #intercourse #inexperienced #airheaded
by y2c February 26, 2011
Something, which once given can't be taken back.
Virginity is kinda like a soap bubble: all it takes is one little prick and then it's gone.
#abstinence #virginity #cherry #first time #slut #manslut
by LongIslandRedneck March 25, 2012
Something you're lucky to have if you're 13 in the modern generation. (Not having sex)
13 year old girl: I lost my virginity two years ago.
16 year old boy: Dayum' girl, wanna fuck?
#sexless #modern #generation #thirteen years old #fuck
by SuperPrettyGirlyGirl April 11, 2012
A mental and emotional state of being that all humans are born with and does not leave your body or change your body until it is given to someone; it does result in a change of perspective and mind

It is an act that is sacred because the change is permanent, irreversible, and it creates a massive bond with the person whom it was given to

Unfortunately sometimes it is taken from someone through coercion, force, or trauma

People get the blessing of saying that those people did not change them or take this from them as it is sacred and it is not something that can be taken and it is only something that can be given

It is only given to someone through a sexual act

The sexual act is medically described as sexual intercourse but others have argued it is mutual masturbation or foreplay type transactions

Popes and nuns keep them for life

It is one measure of purity but not by any means a determinant of one’s purity

Men can feel it weighs them down

Women can worry about the age or timing of when they will lose it and to whom

Making fun of a virgin for being a virgin is promiscuous whether female or male and further proof that it is sacred
Having a virginity means you are not expecting a child from you or your partner and unless you are born with an STD, messing with STD needles, or getting blood transfusions from people with STDs you are 100% healthy from STDs.
Girl: "I know I shouldn't be talking about dating and what's sexy since I'm a virgin."
Woman: "It's never not sexy to be a virgin."

Virgin is the noun used for a person who holds a virginity.
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by ideclareathumbwar December 04, 2014
Having yet shared your emotional depth with an individual who holds great value to you.
1. Losing my virginity was how I knew Thomas was who I wanted to marry.
2. Mourning the death of my father, caused me to lose the virginity that had distanced my mother and me.
3. I lost my virginity last night, my roommate and I stayed up the whole time discovering how much we love the same books.
#union #correlation #bonding #severance #alienation
by bydnelg December 20, 2013
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