The state of not having had penetrative sex. Someone who is in this state is termed a virgin. Losing it tends to hurt, mostly for women, but sometimes for men as well. It also has a fuckload of meaning in society (pardon the pun). Men see it as a curse, women keep it for one reason or the other. Why?

For men, getting laid for the first time is harder than hitting a hole-in-one (again I apologize for my punnyness). Dudes don't know the cues and technique to woo effectively at first. The faster one loses it, the more experience and confidence earned compared to one's peers, the easier courtship becomes, the easier it is to find ms right and get bizay.

Women keep it because its so easy to lose for them. If one is at least disturbingly average, all she needs to do is ask. So women value it, and it gains more interest than harvard's endowment did over the last century. Of course, women don't value it as much in men b/c men tend to suck the first time.

For both sexes of course, regardless of their stance, losing it is pretty fucking magical. There are also those crazy mofos who believe virginity is the key (or keyhole) to heaven....which sorta explains why losing it is so pretty fucking magical.

Oh and for you asswipes out there, virginity is *given*, equally by both men and women. It cannot be a "taking" if you give it and should not be actually taken from anybody, male or female. Semantics, people! They most certainly DO fucking matter!
Dude 1: "I'm getting laid tonight!"
Dude 2: "Shut the fuck up, ya fuckin virgin. Make me a sammich!"

Girl 1: "That's it, no more waiting. I'm losing it."
Girl 2: "Don't be such a slut!"

Dude: "I just lost my virginity!"
Samuel L Jackson: "Motherfucka, do I have to read you a motherfuckin script!?! Thrust, mothafucka, I said thrust!"

Dude: 8----------->
Girl: "This is my first time"
Dude: 8---------------------------------------------->

Han Solo: "Let the virginity be with you."
Luke Skywalker: "Man, fuck you! I frenched my sister for crying out loud! I am scarred for life! You are such a dick!"
Han: "Shut the fuck up n make me a sammich."
by tomazgeofferson August 02, 2012
Top Definition
What women are proud to have and men are ashamed of.
"I'd feel guilty taking your virginity away from you," she said, "You're so . . . nice."

"It's not like I value it," said he.
by Killing Kittens November 01, 2004
Unfortunately rare, but a valuable find. Believing in morality and true love. Devotion and commitment to purity. Beauty in self-control. Presence of mind in stressful situations. Admirable abstinence.
My virginity means something to me. It's not that I'm unwanted
A big issue over a little tissue.
Girl - "I don't know if we should; I kind of still want to keep my virginity."

Guy - "What's the big, fucking deal?!"
by Girlfucker3465 September 29, 2006
Something that I'll probably keep forever, due to my emotional and mental instablity.
Hey, you gonna lose your virginity or what?

Nah, I'm too unstable for a relationship.
by TheSpencinator2012 July 29, 2011
The greatest gift a woman or man can give to someone. You can only lose your virginity once, if you take someone's virginity, you have taken something that they can never get back: it's irreplaceable. As this is the first time someone has sex, the presence of the hymen will make this the tightest fuck.
Parker: Guess what man.
Alex: What?
Parker: I took Christina's virginty.
Alex: God damn you, I wanted Christina's virginity.
Parker: Haha, sucks to be you.
by Mr. Platonic July 31, 2006
Something that disappeared from America long ago.
Tessa: I lost my virginity yesterday!
Bob: Aren't you thirteen?
Tess: Going on fourteen!
Bob: Slut.
by ThisAsianIsAngry November 03, 2010
The first time doing something fun, not always implying a sexual act.
person 1: dude i just lost my concert virginity.
person 2: sweeeeeet. i lost mine a while back.
by holmes,yo December 09, 2005
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