cow-fuckers. also see haters
people who go to virginia tech are a bunch of cow-fucking haters
by sorryyoudontgotouva April 25, 2005
A second-rate university geared toward students who couldn't get into UVA.
Since you have a room-temperature IQ and like to fuck pigs, Virginia Tech will be a great place for you to mistake your classmates for intelligent people, and jerk off to pictures of UVA girls.
by tech bitches shouldn't talk March 17, 2005
verb. The act of going completely insane.
verb. Going on a shooting spree at school.
adj. Insane or deranged.
adj. Violently angry.

Obsoletes: Postal

Gone crazy or insane; irrational. Usually observed anywhere there are large groups of students, i.e., on campus. Came into use after a student lost control of his mental faculties on Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, VA and went on a shooting spree, killing 32 and then killing himself.
"JR was having such a hard time getting his mp3 player to work, that he went completely Virginia Tech on it."
by anonymic April 17, 2007
Can't match up to The Citadel and the Citadel grads run the country. Unlike the redneck populated VT who could not get in The Citadel.
I went to visit VT and it was full of rednecks and pussies. I went to The Citadel to learn how to become a real man. Bring it on bitch!
by Charlie Rules December 11, 2004

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