Everyone in the room takes a shot.
Let's Virginia Tech this tequila!
by J P B April 27, 2007
Ironically, "Shizzle" trailers arent't allowed in most of Blacksburg...
I think the shizzle is pissed cuz he didnt make it in to Tech
by w00tw00t September 02, 2004
Original land-grant school in the state of Virginia. Previously known as Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University...apparently too long...shortened to Virginia Tech for the convenience of it's students and graduates...multi-syllabic utterances are difficult for the typical Hokie (which, by the way, is a castrated turkey). The Corps of Cadets is lack-luster; made up of wannabe soldiers and dykes (which, by the way, is the word used to refer to upperclass "big brothers / sisters"). Thankfully, there are real military schools within the states that provide the discipline and direction necessary to assist in staffing our military. If we were to rely solely on the products of the VTCC, we would indeed see a military full of over-zealous, under-educated alcoholics who define thier success through childish pranks and high video game scores.
Virginia Tech underclassmen (in VTCC) are "turned" on "dyke-night"...a silly tradition of beer, pointless pt, and other "manly" pursuits like running the stairs at Lane Stadium, sliding down the trusses of Cassel Coliseum, or low crawling through the duck pond.
by ex-VTCC December 26, 2006
Sub-standard school in Virginia ranking near the bottom of the in-state college heirarchy. Most notable for being filled with rednecks and morons.
HS Senior #1: Where do you want to go to school?

HS Senior #2: I WANT to go to UVA, I'll probably go to JMU, but if Blue Ridge and Piedmont turn me down I'll go to Tech.
by J-Maddy March 29, 2005
A school where a mass murder occured. 33 people are dead after a gun man shot and killed students and teachers.
John- hey are you going to virginia tech next year?
Jim- Fuck no, Im not trying to get killed.
by asshole1 April 17, 2007
The only reason people know/care/give a shit about this place is because of the shooting.
Virginia Tech would have zero importance if there was no killing taking place.
by The above statement is true. September 21, 2007
college where the biggest massacre in American History occurred on april 16, 2007 at Virginia Tech. An asian kid came in and killed 33 students with two pistols, effectively destroying the previous record of 13 kills by the two kids at Columbine (who has rifles, mind you).
Much speculation was put upon why he would do such a thing, with many officials, parents, and politicians blaming video games such as DOOM and Starcraft(FPSes can be ruled out because of the vicious way he killed his victims, lining them all up and shooting them executioner-style as opposed to a straight no-bullshit shooting. as for starcraft, thats probably just cause he's korean kekekeke), college standards of application, and 4chan.org, where he allegedly posted. Irrefutably proves that asian kids can outdo anyone else in anything given they study for it long enough.
shooter: Oh no! i rost my carcurator! I'm rearry mad! (takes out two pistols and systematically commits the largest shooting ever on american soil)

Virginia Tech students: whew, at least i didnt have to take my 5th period test.

news: sure he wasnt a spearchucker? damn, didnt think he had it in him..

shooter: How do i shot crassmates?, VA Tech just kicked in yo, this must be my RUCKY DAY!!, etc etc...
by machineofwar April 17, 2007

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