After being accepted to both UVA and VT among other schools, I chose VT over UVA. I didn't want to learn to be a pussy (i.e. someone who thinks having money or being a prep-of-sorts will somehow save your ass when it's getting beaten for walking down the street and mouthing off at a Hokie like me who's income comes from beating the shit outta people), so UVA was out of the question.
VT is the place to go unless you wanna be a lawyer, artist, writer or some other liberal jerk-me-off pro.
Virginia is for lovers, University of Virginia is for guy-on-guy lovers, Virginia Tech is for guy-on-girl lovers
by MMA fighter March 04, 2006
Overhyped football team that thinks they are god's gift to college football, but when they play quality football teams they lose. A school's whose football team is overhyped, but ultimately, sucks and underachieves.
"Man Virginia Tech is shitty, why can't they win a game that matters? It sucks to be a tech fan, cause the hokies always disappoints!
by Tech sucks September 30, 2006
The school of Hokie great and NFL Star Michael Vick, or should I say Ron Mexico - the herpes sex offender. And then there is his little brother, current Hokie Marcus "I wanna be like R. Kelly" Vick. Great family, great school...
I could make an example of the above definition, but that could get a little nasty....
by NOVAWVU April 14, 2005
School that unlike the previous fuckers definition that i had to chang! Virginia Tech is the best school in the state of VA and so I have to correct this tosser's inaccuracies!

1. The school is full of extremely smart, relatively diverse, and nice people
2. The girls at Virginia Tech are very respectable, pretty, and just really fun to hang with

3. Last but not least the students who attend this university don't smell like shit and only a small pecent are rednecks. Oh, incase you didn't know VT hates West Virginia. So nexttime you wanna fuck with VT, I'll come down to the community college and give your ass a beating you'll never forget. Then you'll come home, go to this website and create a word called the Hokie Asskicking!
Wow, UVA can suck my balls cuz all they are are stupid fuckers who pop their coller and screw their roommates.
by Kyle Bishop December 04, 2004
school where the worst shooting has so far taken place. a gun men opened fire on the students and eventually took his own life with a bullet in the head. 33 dead and at least 20 more wounded, the casualties that occured at this school are almost triple that of columbine
did you here about the shooting at Virginia Tech
by Krsnik05 May 10, 2007
A lame excuse for a university which lacks class and loves to talk trash when the majority of their bandwagoners can't name 3 players on their own so called favorite team. They think they're amazing at just about everything.They beleive schools such as UVA only care about education and being above everyone. They obviously have not been there.They take pride in winning a mediocre conference. (yes i realize thats a rip on UVA as well! acc football is weak) Colin Cowherd has been there favorite media member, hes known for his idiotic rants and racist remarks.Virginia Tech has only one 6 bowl games in their history. Only one of which were a BCS victory (1993). Many hokie fans love characters such as DeAngelo Hall, Michael Vick, Marcus Vick etc. All of which have had on and off the field issues. Dog fighting, have sex with young girls, spitting on opposing players, Marcus and Michael both flicked off fans on different occasions. And Michael did it to his own fans! There is something wrong with looking up to people like them. This is a university who's fans truly lack class,sportsmanship, and are just plain D bags. So before they try to bomb on your favorite team or try to compare records, just remember, when they hit 3-9 one year, theyll all the sudden be Florida State for life, or some other team. I have no respect for such idiotic drunks and I never will.
My friend the cousin banger was accpeted into Virginia Tech.
by im not giving my real name February 26, 2008
Everyone in the room takes a shot.
Let's Virginia Tech this tequila!
by J P B April 27, 2007

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