A prestigious university in a college town full of bars providing nightlife. Not to mention the football team that draws Virginians from all over the state. Cavaliers seem to think that it is filled with people who couldn't get into UVA. However, the majority of Hokies never desired to go to UVA in the first place. And VT doesn't take just anybody. So those of you prospective students better make sure you got a good gpa or sat score because VT's public and your money doesn't matter to the admissions office. (unless your parents make a valuable donation of course) Just because you got into Bridgewater does not mean Tech will take you. Private schools take anybody these days. So if you want to be a future Hokie, you better get off your ass and study.
facebook group at UVA: "VA Tech is for people who couldn't get into UVA"
by Lauren Eliz May 31, 2005
Virginia Tech is a school that has no national championships in any sport....other than bass fishing
# of national titles for some virginia colleges
Old Dominion 28
Virginia 19
James Madison 5
Richmond 1
Virginia Tech 0, unless you count bass fishing (which would make 1)
by jmskins26 February 23, 2009
The school to attend if you enjoy providing various pleasures to underage girls living near you.
Guy 1: Hey, remember that Marcus Vick guy?
Guy 2: Ohh yeah, the one who hung out with 14 year old girls while he was in college?
Guy 1: Yeah, he was cool.
by Hexum March 01, 2005
A school that resides somewhere in the southern part of Virginia. The students and alumni have a large inferiority complex and must refer to themselves as the Hokie Nation. Previously, their only claim to fame was Michael Vick. Suddenly, Vick has nothing to do with VPI...Even though he was with Frank Beamer at the 2007 NFL draft holding a VT hat, days after killing dogs with his own hands.
The Hokie Nation of Virginia Tech was crushed after they lost all their games in October and November for the 15th straight year.
by Jvick August 25, 2007
The site of the deadliest shooting spree in modern U.S. history. A social outcast named Cho Seung-Hui took 32 innocent lives on April 16th, 2006, before taking his own life. May all of the victims rest in peace, and may Cho Seung-Hui forever burn in Hell.
Virginia Tech is a college in Blacksburg VA.
by Mattch April 19, 2007
School in Virginia that has two upsides; 1) engineering 2) football (with rapists). But any other major is someone who is inferior but thinks that they are sweet.
What do kids that go to The University (UVA), The College (William and Mary), and Virginia Tech have in common?

They all got into tech.
by betterthantech February 19, 2006
The best school for learning to be a man! I don't know what the Citadel's problem is, but I'm just about ready to open a can of whoop ass on their puppy butts.
The Citadel is the bitch of the Corp of Cadets at Virginia Tech.
by Mason December 19, 2003

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