Virginia Tech is in essence the true college experience. Compared to any other top school in VA, VT has it all and does it damn well. From parties to academics to sports and research. We are a proud school and are proud of our heritage. With the best football team in the state and a damn good basketball team as well...well its a no brainer why UVA can never beat us. UVA is like a tick on the ball sack of VT. They need to stop trying to live up to us and do their own shit. And as far as academics go, VT is very competitive to get into, just as much as UVA and more so than JMU (only reason JMU gets so many applicants is because they want to party 24/7). With that being said, VT is a highly notable school with many majors making the top lists in this country. I am proud to be a Hokie and will represent Tech to the day I die. Go Hokies!
VT student: "I heard Virginia Tech has excellent research opportunities and the education there is on par with UVA. I think I might go to Tech this fall. And besides, JMU is a joke because all they do is party. Way to promote themselves with springfest lol."

UVA student: "God I hate VT, I would never fit in because I think so high of myself and I would miss mommy and daddy so much (sucks thumb). I heard VT is getting a med school soon. Were really screwed now"
by Bimmerfanantic April 11, 2010
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I just want to point one thing out here. UVA and VT are completly different schools. If you want a law degree or business degree, you go to UVA. However they cant even touch Virgina Tech's Engineering and Science programs. Both schools are commpletely respectable institutions of learning, but for different areas of study. The demographics are different, with UVA being more preppy and upper class, and VT students having a more casual demeanor and coming from middle class backgrounds. There are rednecks at VT, but most dont make it past freshman year.
Oh, and no one really cares about the Citadel/Virginia Tech rivalry.

Now lets stop this rediculous rivalry and stop comparing apples to oranges.
~I want to major in electrical engineering with a minor in mathematics, so i think i will go to Virginia Tech.

~Thats cool, i want to major in business manegment and become an entrepreneur so i will go to UVA.

~Awesome, i respect your decision because we have different tastes in education.
by Dan April 08, 2005
The most amazing and school in the state of Virginia. Also the largest research institute in Va. and produces 42% of Va's PhD's. VT is the home of the third largest computer in the world and every building is made of "hokie stone," which completes its amazing architecture.
"Virginia Tech: 2004 ACC CHAMPS!!"
by lindsay December 13, 2004
A prestigious University which handled the deadliest single-gunman shootout in American history with poise and grace by uniting in a display of school spirit untouched by any other collegiate institution.
Anyone trying to exploit this site to make light of the loss of 32 invaluable lives at Virginia Tech needs to go rot in hell. It is disgusting that would approve some of the sickeningly vile definitions above.

by hokie4life July 02, 2007
*#1 Architecture school in country
*Top notch Engineering program
*Good business school
*#1 campus dining in country
*Respected Football team (good at other sports too but it is a football school)
*No preppy dbags (like UVa)
*Intelligent student body (average gpa for class of '13 was 3.94)
*Alumni have the highest initial salary in Virginia
Contrary to popular belief (by belief I mean rumors spread by faggy UVa students) the student body does not consist of rednecks, VT doesn't take just anyone. The student body mostly come from middle class families and are generally pretty smart. They don't fuck animals (another completly retarded rumor) unless by "fuck animals" you mean "party like crazy".
Virginia Tech: Good food, good football, cool people, good academics, good parties, and lots of shool spirit.
In short, the place you want to be if you want to be successful in life while having fun along the way.
by im in miami bitch November 23, 2009
The BEST university in Virginia... If you take out UVA and William and Mary. But hey, our engineering is good, right?
Guy 1: Yeah, I got into UVA and W&M but I chose Virginia Tech
Guy 2: No you didn't.
Guy 1: I know....
by No Lies, Only Truth August 06, 2016
My school. A pretty awesome place considering you're in the middle nowhere since the people bring the big town life here with them. Known for its academics and sports among many other things.

As a high school senior, I had to choose among a near infinite amount of East coast universities to attend, eventually realizing the greatness that was just an hour down the interstate. They're also pretty selective. I was one of 5,600 freshmen accepted from a pool of over 20,000 applicants in 2008.

Some facts:
-We do have a formidable football team, although many (and myself) could care less if it gets too gung ho.
-(In response to a blatant misconception I heard) We don't fuck the cows here. That's just gross.
-The students here are really chill and easy to hang with. There's something here for everyone.
-Great Engineer and Architecture programs. Even beats, dare I say it, UVA...
-The largest full time student population in Virginia.
-The party scene here is commendable. Plenty of frat and apartment venues to get you pissed on a weekly basis if you desire.
-Guy/Girl ratio is approaching a cool 50/50, up from being slightly more sausage a few years ago. (so no need to fret)
-Totally awesome guy: I'm so stoked that I'm going to Virginia Tech this fall! Engineering or Architecture, I don't care, I just want to go!
-Totally awesome guy's totally awesome friend:
Good for you! I got accepted into UVa to study business this fall, their program was a big plus to me.
-1st Guy: *friendly jest* Oh yeah? I guess we'll see your team's ass on the gridiron come November you zima-sippin first-year prick.
-Friend: *similar jest* Very funny you cow screwin' hick, why don't you whistle to your quarterback boyfriend through your missing front tooth while you slap the back of your sunburnt neck and spit your chaw!
-1st Guy: .... ummmm, yeahhhh...
-Friend: I went to far didn't I?...
by mickgriddle17 May 07, 2009
A prestigious university in a college town full of bars providing nightlife. Not to mention the football team that draws Virginians from all over the state. Cavaliers seem to think that it is filled with people who couldn't get into UVA. However, the majority of Hokies never desired to go to UVA in the first place. And VT doesn't take just anybody. So those of you prospective students better make sure you got a good gpa or sat score because VT's public and your money doesn't matter to the admissions office. (unless your parents make a valuable donation of course) Just because you got into Bridgewater does not mean Tech will take you. Private schools take anybody these days. So if you want to be a future Hokie, you better get off your ass and study.
facebook group at UVA: "VA Tech is for people who couldn't get into UVA"
by Lauren Eliz May 31, 2005
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