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A very dull and boring hick state in the upper south of the U.S. Most of the residents live well below the poverty line or survive off government funds. Believe it or not, overt racism and ultra-conservative bigotry still flourish like wildflowers and are even fostered and encouraged among the greatest majority of this state's residents. Unless you reside in the VA Beach/Norfolk area, Richmond, or the Fairfax/Prince Willian/Spotsylvania county suburbs; prepare to go back in time at least 75 years. Many of the people living in the more extreme mountainous regions, still today, live in shacks off of dirt roads that closely resemble makeshift housing put together of scraps by homeless people and may or may not have modern amenities such as electricity or phone. The backwards, right-wing views even have a notable effect on a siginificant population of the civilized regions. On the flip side, some of the state's suburban area contain some of the wealthiest communities in the country, complete with typical cultureless corporate dominance including rows of McMansions, box-like shopping centers, strip malls and some of the snottiest, most self-righteous, conservative yuppies you'll ever encounter. Summary: Unless you are a backwards, closet Klan member, hillbilly or a self-righteous, snobbish yuppie... DO NOT MOVE HERE! Trust me, this was written by someone who has lived most of their life in this state and seen more than enough of what it has to offer.
1: Come on down to Vuhginny (Virginia), we'z havin us some whiskey n' possum pie after we go'z a-shootin Bubba's new 12 guage. Praise the lawd!
2: Lyke, oh my god! I can't believe she wore that! That is like soooooo last week!!!
by mantooth April 12, 2006
38 157
virginia isnt filled with confederate flag waving hicks, but the state is still southern; most of the state believes it is better than the rest of the south, since they had all the rich plantation owners; richmond is a hick town disguised as a city near the north, while virginia beach is a hick town disguised as a beach resort
virginia residents think their cool, rich plantation owners or something like that
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
44 267
A formerly southern state that sometimes likes to pretend it still is.

Contains a lot of invented nostalgia felt in a superficial way by people who were never part of the old culture.
Virginia is still a southern state the way a girl who takes it up the ass is still a virgin.
by Sam is a Dick September 20, 2007
24 276
Virginia is for lovers? This may only be true because of the extremely large amounts of incestuous "loves" that do occur. The only state where the Northern part (AKA NoVa) tries to disassociate itself with the rest of the mullet wearing, cow humping, cousin "loving" residents.
-Billy Bob, mama said I'm done with my chores for the day. Ya'll wanna go screw in the barn.
-Mary Sue, I reckon I'll be there soon, whenever Jameson finishes trimming my mullet.
by DonnyVito March 28, 2005
38 319