Someone who still has their virginity....if you want me to narrow it down even more----SOMEONE WHO HAS NOT HAD SEX YET

Reasons that someone might still be a Virgin:

1) Scared
2) just not ready for it
3) waiting til marriage for religious reasons
4) has no sex drive
5) not good around the opposite sex

For most virgins like myself, we are VERY horny daily resulting in frequent masturbation, porn watch( not just boys.its us girls, too), constant grinding at parties, and wet panties ( for boys, it would be trousers or boxers)
Im suprised im still a virgin, girl.

Im a horny virgin.

Virgins are slowly becoming extinct.....
by alove0316 November 15, 2008
1. someone who hasn't engaged in sexual activity, for either religious purposes or just because they haven't been done yet.

2. a person who has only seen the movie, Rocky Horror Picture Show on the telly and never live on stage in a theater. they're especially called that if they say their huge fans when they've never dressed up for it and seen a show a day in their life.
tim: oi, mike! did anthony finally shag his girlfriend?
mike: ha, no, he's still a bloody virgin...

pam: it's annoying how my little sister blithers on about Rocky Horror all the time to her friends; they don't even know what she's talking about...damn's only 'cos my mum won't let her see the show with me.
by hardworker October 03, 2006
One who writes disgusting decriptions of sexual acts with women and submits them for publication in an on-line slang dictionary.
If you find eating a combination of cum and poop satisfying or funny, it is because you are a virgin and have never actualy done it.
by Tenarr June 21, 2005
a term for someone like me
im 23 and im a virgin. i will probably end up a serial killer but at least i can get rid of my virginity that way
by fredrickson May 17, 2005
A naive female whose hymen has yet to be broken by a male during the act of sex. The virgin species is nearly extinct, as horny male hunters have trapped and taken nearly every hymen in the vicinity. If you are fortunate enough to come across a virgin, sweet words or alcohol will anesthetize her prior to de-hymening.
Virgins are nearly extinct and should be placed on the endangered species list.
by Loxi July 19, 2009
1.A person/animal who has not yet copulated. An unmarried woman who has never had sexual intercourse. See: maiden

2.Someone who hasn't done something for the first time.

3.Something that is unused.

4.A place that is unexplored i.e. virgin territory.
1.Me: Ive never had sex. I'm a virgin. Some people assume that I am perfect because of this but then I remind them: Were YOU perfect when YOU were still a virgin?? Guess what? I masturbate!

2. Man1:I have never ridden on a plane. I'm a virgin in that respect.

3.Man2: This copy of Final Fantasy for the NES is new and sealed in its original seal. It's in a virgin state.

4. America was once virgin teritory before it was discovered by humans.
by Mona Lott March 14, 2006
A person whom has not been involved in sexual intercourse, either oral, vaginal or anal. Can be male or female.
I've never had sex, thus I'm a virgin.
by Proud to be a Christian June 14, 2005

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