a noob at cock/pussy or anything sexual for that matter
"My girfriend is such a noob, she must be a virgin"
by Guelph Pro September 07, 2006
A person that has not been penatreated in the Vaginal area. I belive you can have oral and anal sex and still be considered a Virgin. Without penaration of the vagina you can still a VIRGIN!!!!!!
A person who has experienced Oral and Anal Sex is still a virgin!!!!
by VA_Queene August 29, 2006
a girl or woman with her hyme still found; not cut , wiped away or damaged in an accident or through sexual intercouce.
If a virgin person plays herself and opened herself (cut the hyme away or damaged it),she isn't a vergin anymore.
Even if a surgeon replaced it for her.
by sam peter September 11, 2006
losers who've never got their rocks off with a member of the oppposite (or for you liberals, the same) sex.
Hopefully there are no real-life "40 Year-Old Virgins". If so, you're fucking sad and need to buy a prostitute so you can join in on what the rest of the free fucking world has already experienced.
by sexie chocolate December 31, 2005

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