Originally the word virgin was used as a title of a girl who was "spoken for" usually about 3 years before she was old enough to be married. In those days girls were "bought" with a dowry from their families before they were even sexually mature, therefore they had intact hymens. I have no idea why thousands of years later we are still attaching value to a thin piece of skin that could be ruptured by a fall or even starting a period, instead of recognizing that virgin only means promised to another and therefore off limits. In some countries women are still being "given" and "taken" by others for money and the man's mother is who actually breaks the girl's hymen, producing blood, to "prove her purity." To save a girl from being "ruined" men in these countries have anal sex instead, unintentionally causing the spread of disease and spiritual toxification of themselves and their women, thus turning "virgins" into "prostitutes" for sale to their mothers, who control the money, and therefore want to maintain control of their sons (who earn that money)
through spiritual manipulation of his mate, because she would be the only real competition for his affection and allegiance, so she is dominated in such a way as to make her forget her own value and she is less capable of strengthening her husband. If the 2 really do become as one, then this act of undermining their marriage is just like the false mother who tells King Solomon to go ahead and cut the "baby" in half. She stands to make money from their "death." But the King orders the soldiers to give the baby to the real mother, the one who was willing to give away her child and lose her own protection rather than see him killed.
My hymen is broken, but I am a real virgin, promised to someone who bought me without money, by actually loving me. I am virginesque in my heart, causing me to refrain from giving my affections to anyone else because I love him and am waiting for him; not because a piece of skin has monetary or spiritual value, not even because I've never been intimate with another, but because I am promised to him and because he made me believe in love again by loving me first, with or without a stupid hymen!
by YourWife&Mother March 23, 2009
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n. Person who has not yet had sex. Largely believed to be mythological.
by Shevek September 22, 2002
Meaning one who has not yet had sex.

Many choose to remain a virgin for a period of time that they see fit (for many, this means until they are married, or find someone they love), others are a virgin due to not yet having had the chance to lose their virginity. A virgin is often seen as a rare and beautiful thing.

See also: virginity, sex.
"I may choose to never have sex, and if I choose that, I will forever be known as a virgin"
by Jessica T July 24, 2005
1. A person who has not yet engaged in sex because they are waiting for true love.
2. A person who has not yet engaged in sex because they are so socially crippled that whenever they are around the opposite sex they begin to hiss and fart uncontrollably.
3. A person who has not yet engaged in sex because they are too young.
4. A person who has not yet engaged in sex because they are waiting for marriage.
1. I am a virgin because I'm waiting for my true love before I have sex! I also believe in unicorns.
2. I am NOT a virgin! Does cyber-sex count?
3. Dude, I know you like virgins, but checking out the pre-schoolers is both creepy and illegal.
4. I'm a virgin because God doesn't want me to have sex yet. He also wants you to give me five bucks.
by SpinGirl October 02, 2005
1) In North Carolina, any girl who can outrun her brothers. 2) In Alabama, an extinct species thought to have lived until the mid-19th century.
Look, there's Becky Poteat, North Carolina's high school record holder in the women's high hurdles. She's the only virgin in the county.
by Jeff David October 05, 2005
Without alcohol
"I'd like to order a virgin Piña Colada"
by Alexander Hu May 12, 2006
Someone who has never had penetrative sex.

Honestly, it is really not that big of a deal to be a virgin. Some people get embarassed admitting it and some people even get made fun of, even by other virgins for being a virgin.

First of all, if someone would make fun of you for never having sex, then they are not the type of person who you should be telling your personal romantic business to. And who really cares if for ladies, you have had a dick uncomfortably and awkwardly stuck into a part of your body that rarely sees the light, and for guys, you stuck your dick into a weird, slimy hole?
I am saving my virginity for love, and this does not embarass me at all. In fact, I'm proud of the fact that I know I will not get an STD or end up with an abortion during high school.
by K4'/ June 14, 2008
Becoming extremely rare, even among young/fat/ugly girls.
you: I heard she was a virgin
me: You're a gullible idiot
by gfar August 04, 2005

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