1) a world famous brand owned by richard branson.
2) someone who has not had their cherry popped.
girl: did you know virgin has been going for over 30 years.
boy: can i get laid now?
by hard_disco_attic June 24, 2007
A girl who has not been penetrated. She can be identified by the presence of a hymen (usually).
If a girl has not had sex, she is still a virgin.
by undertheinfluence March 23, 2005
someone who hasnt had sex yet, often seen as beautiful and rare, people may remain virgins because of

2. because they dont want to wreck their family when they grow up
3. they dont want to get pregnant and quit school
4. they dont want to get an std (sexually transmitted disease (some of which can kill you, and stay with you forever
5.they dont want to get caught
they dont want to get hurt physically or emotionally(breakups are worse after you have had sex
6. they dont want a husband who only married them because they are good in bed (because when you're older and have a baby, get sick, get in a car accident, or just become of old age, and cant have sex anymore, or as much, youre husband will leave you if thats the only reason he married you, or the main reason)

<big/>7. THEY ARE SMART :]

you may give up your virginity because...
1. you feel you are ready
2. you think you are in love
3. you're drunk
4. youre high
5. you are pressured
6. it feels good
7. you want to be like youre friends.
Rachel is still a virgin, she's saving herself for marriage.
Sarah hasnt has sex yet, shes a virgin.
by sarah down October 13, 2006
Someone who doesn't give a fuck.

Thought to be an endangered species, with fewer and fewer of them in high school and even middle school with each passing set of students.
"Thomas Jefferson, a Virgin, and Benjamin Franklin were two singers of the Declaration of Independence."

"I remember a girl named Virginia. We called her 'Virgin', for short, but not for long."

"Virgin + Mother = Virgin Mother = Oxymoron."
by Lorelili January 16, 2006
1: An island or other piece of land which is undiscovered.

2: A person or animal who has never had sex. This could be for a variety of reasons, but if there were more virgins there might be less STDs, less unwanted pregnancies and less babies who grow up being ignored by their uninterested parents, having no chance in life at all and ending up in the gutter or on drugs. The problem is that people are so often made to feel that admitting you're a virgin is akin to admitting you're a leper.

I'm sure most virgins have had sex on their own, if you get my drift. Despite us humans claiming we're superior to animals, primal instincts are still within us.

Emma: So, Rachel. You had sex yet?
Rachel: No. I'm only thirteen. Anyway, I'm going to save myself for the right man.
Emma and her friends laugh and start chanting 'Rachel's a virgin'.
by StormSworder August 11, 2006
A virgin is a smart individual that has not engaged in sexual intercourse, anal or oral sex, and not because they churchies or ugly but because they have common sense. They don't want a bunch of little kids runnin around or some genital ripping sexually transmitted disease.
Kiki is a virgin because when she gives it up, she wants to be driving that person's car, having their kids, living in their house. Wait, that sounds like a marriage. Hmm. I wonder why.
by TooflyKiKi January 01, 2009
sum1 who does not wish to have sex yet. many ppl think its stupid to do so but its not. cuz atleast they wont be 15 years old in the hospital in labor u fuckin teen whore!
the media and society and mostly mtv is teaching ppl to have sex all the tyme. u bunch of hoes!
virgin: i dont want to have sex yet cuz im not ready
stupid ass influenced by the media: have sex or else ur stupid cuz being a virgin is dumb. being a pregnant teen is better.

u dumbass.
by jennylovesean April 10, 2006
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