1) a world famous brand owned by richard branson.
2) someone who has not had their cherry popped.
girl: did you know virgin has been going for over 30 years.
boy: can i get laid now?
by hard_disco_attic June 24, 2007
Males:Anyone under the age of 14 who has not yet had sex, after that age they are no longer known as virgins and earn the title of loser.
Females: A girl who has not yet had sex. These species of wimen begin to rapidly die out after the age of 16. If you are lucky enough to find one above that age who doesnt look like a horse MARRY HER. (Usually VERY tight)
"Dude i hooked up wit this chick last night, n i find out shes a virgin it took me 30 minutes just to get 2 fingers in her!"
by Justin Christie May 31, 2005
The only thing virgitarians are allowed to eat.
Stephen: God, I'm so hungry. Why did I have to choose to be a virgitarian?

Kathrina: You can eat me, I'm a virgin!

Stephen: Yeah, you're gonna be a virgin when you're 850...
by Stephen Church June 22, 2006
1. people(usually girls) who think they are better than others because they have not had sex yet
2. saving the fucking for marriage
3. people who look like ogres so no one will have sex with them
4. stuck up assholes
girl 1: "Well, I am better than most people because I am still a pure virgin.

girl 2: "So, basically you are just ugly?"
by gofuckyourselfasshole January 29, 2009
A word used to describe a really ugly chick
Mike: Hey did you pick up last night

Mark: Na the only chicks there were Virgin

Mike: Like they'd never been fucked before???

Mark: Nah Man like they were Virgin on ugly!
by Sambambino August 03, 2008
Usually used to describe a post-teen ugly, unfuckable beast-like human. In women, it tends to be rare, owing to the fact that many are desperate for sex. Sadly, as sexual attractivenss of a women decreases (ie, as her body wieght increases, giant breasts not withstanding), her sex-drive increases. Eventually it gets to a point where mostly hideous feminazis are virgins "by choice". A common nick-name for unfuckable feminazis is "Camilla" or "Camilla Gorilla", the latter describing their overall imposing nature, large girth, and general (un)attractiveness. Virgins of this nature never laugh at love, sex, virginity or pretty much anything. It's serious business being a virgin.
Camilla:"That's not funny. I'm a virgin because I choose to be."

Whatever you say, Camilla Gorilla.
by N00bKannon June 14, 2008
Vagina Is Ripe. Get It Now!!
Fundo climbed a tree to pick a virgin. He got it.
by authOOr July 10, 2006
1. fat bitch

2. a girl who hasn't had sex because her ass is hairy
1. "I am a virgin, and I will not have sex"

Jack-- "Wanna sex?"
Becky-- "I'm a....virgin."
Jack-- "Fuck that, go shave your ass!"
by eripmav March 05, 2008

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