A girl who has not been penetrated. She can be identified by the presence of a hymen (usually).
If a girl has not had sex, she is still a virgin.
by undertheinfluence March 23, 2005
1) a girl who refuses and/or won't give it up.
2) is not ready to have sex
3) somebody that is to young to have sex
4) someone who is waiting for true love and/or for the right time and person.
5) someone who never had the pleasure.
a guy and a girl is in the guys room making out and this escilate. The girl knows he cheated.

Man: Are you ready to go beyond this?
Girl: I refuse to give it up to scum like you. You prick. I would remain a virgin
by Caitlin L. April 27, 2008
1) a world famous brand owned by richard branson.
2) someone who has not had their cherry popped.
girl: did you know virgin has been going for over 30 years.
boy: can i get laid now?
by hard_disco_attic June 24, 2007
when some one who has not had any sexual intercorse or any typ of sexual activity.
im surprized karen is still a virgin. psh id even tap dat
by Kmkm January 03, 2008
1. A person who has never had sex for whatever reason.

2. Alcohol-free if a drink is typically served containing alcohol.
1. Finding a virgin who's a freshman in college is rare. A college grad who's a virgin is a lot rarer.

2. I got a virgin pina colada since I'm really starting to feel those real ones I had earlier.
by Sid Barrett December 12, 2009
what you think your unmarried son is...
Man 1 : My son is virgin.
Man 2 : Is he below 15?
Man 1 : No, but he is unmarried.
Man 2 : Live in dreams
by aaryan0077 September 28, 2009
most commonly in boys and girls between the ages of twelve to sixteen.

boys are usually made fun of if they are virgins because having sex is like proving something to someone (in their minds).

girls can be made fun of as well (if they're older) or they could even be respected for saving themselves and staying "pure".

it's total bullshit, if you ask me.
just do it when you're horny for christ's sake.
boy: are you honestly still a virgin?
girl: i'm nine.
boy: HAHAHAH ROFL ROFL. you're pathetic.
girl: no, i'm nine.
boy: god, you're a prudey bitch. just give it up to me!
girl: but you're nine too.

why do people have to complain about "bitchy prudes" not giving their virginity up when having sex for the first time (if you're a girl) could get you a bad reputation and people could call you a whore?
i don't understand. boys, you either stop whining about girls still being virgins or you stop calling them whores and sluts once you pop their cherry, alright?
by yeahsureimavirgin November 17, 2007
A Man or a Women(Boy or Girl) who has not had sex yet.
I rather wait to get married to have sex. So thereofre I will remain a Virgin.
by Saint51 April 01, 2010

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