A girl who has not been penetrated. She can be identified by the presence of a hymen (usually).
If a girl has not had sex, she is still a virgin.
by undertheinfluence March 23, 2005
A male or felmale that has not yet ingaged in sex, becuase they are smart. Important to remember girls are not the only ones how save themselves.
Girl: I love you but Im not ready to have sex
Boy: Okay, are you sure?
Boy:okay, to tell you the truth im a virgin too
by Menarejustawhorelikeaswomen May 30, 2008
Someone who has not had sex yet. Which, by the way, is not a bad thing. It's embarassing at first, when you tell your friends but it makes you feel really good about yourself. Later on in your life, you will find someone who you'll appreciate & love and will respect the fact that you are a virgin. There are so many scandolous girls, so being a virgin makes you special. Especially if you're really pretty. You're pretty much innocent :)

Your virginity is delicate & precious! Don't just give it out.
BOY: Have you ever had sex yet?
GIRL: No, I'm still a virgin.
BOY: ...WOW! That's crazy
GIRL: I know. I'm waiting for the right person & the right time.
by missNESSA ♥ July 19, 2009
The one who's not getting any action.

One who has not had sex. The definition of sex is highly disputed, as many people believe that one can perform different levels of near-sexual activity (i.e.: oral\cyber\phone sex) and still be a virgin.
Earth Science Teacher: Now class, the moon goes around the earth and doesn't spin. It's not getting any action. The earth goes around the sun and spins. What's the one that's not getting any action?
Class of high-schoolers: A virgin!
Greg: Dude, has you slept with your girlfriend yet?
Graham: She says she wants to stay a virgin until she's married.
Greg: Sucks to be you
Graham's Girlfriend: Have fun with your STDs, Greg!
by Enelya_Linde April 23, 2006
The Jonas Brothers
Members of the Virgin for life club
by Dilisaur September 22, 2010
Someone who has become overcome by morals and is awaiting the right moment with the right person to engage in a spiritual journey expressing true love. (aka sex) As for the other virgins... well. People just decided they SHOULD have morals.
virgin #1: "i'm not having sex until i'm married I want it to be with someone I really love"
virgin #2: "err... yeah, thats what I'm doing too."
by kristyyy August 15, 2006
Regardless of what many may say, a female can have her hymen penetrated and still be a virgin, the determining factor would be was there a horny individual present, who still roams this earth in a concious state, that was responible. Anyone who has been involved in a blowjob, has been involved in anal penetration, has felt up, been felt up, or has been involved in some other form of heavy petting is not really a virgin. Using a dildo, some other vibrator, or having your hymen broken during a medical procedure doesn't count. Regardless of how you look at it, the number of female virgins is microscopic compared to that of the number of male virgins.
Male virgins of a certain age are considered societal pariahs, outcasts shunned and ridiculed by their conformist, mainstream peers as well as society and popular culture. Female virgins often pass them up in favor of far more promiscuous males who are far too overpriveledged (these are also eleveated to a higher ranking amongst the Jr. High, High School, and college/University set. See jerk). Gay males, however, are highly attracted to these tabula rasas of the sex world. Belive it or not, there are many males who have never even locked lips, even until their 30's, and they aren't necessarily ugly, smelly etc. They may just be shy, picky, and/or dont get out much, and may revile those celebrated "normal" people.
Female virgins are similarly ridiculed by their conformist mainstream peers as well as society, but unlike the males of their kind are seen as prime conquests of promiscuous males (see player, jerk), who will often times lie about their sexual experience in order to "get some".
by Cynical, pissed off virgin December 26, 2006
what i am. A virgin can apply to someone who has not yet had sex or lost their virginity. This can be due to either nervousness, not being able to find a partner or being scared of women in general. It can also be applied to someone who is a virgin because they are asexual and have no desire to have sex with others. I find this combination above applies to me thats why i remain a virgin at 35.
Virginity is sacred.
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