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A type of porn where that girl that is being fucked is a virgin. Usually she is a teen, and people like it because its very inoccent compered to regular porn.
Of course, the girl might not actually be a virgin and it only looks like it, but still it can be very arousing even though its fake.
Some people might say it is pedophilic in nature and it should not be viewed by normal people.
Example 1: Wow, I sure like it when inoccent virgin girls are fucked hard in the virgin porn movies.

Example 2: That poor virgin is having her first sexual expirience with some guy on viagra and its being taped for this virgin porn site.
by Porn-Viewer October 27, 2005
virgin porn is a genre of adult film that claims to show female virgins being fucked for the first time. virgins in the film can either be total virgins (they have never been fucked vaginally or anally) or ass virgins (they have never been fucked anally). it is doubtful that the actors are really virgins.

not to be confused with porn virgin. a porn virgin is a person who has never seen porn.
"let's go rent some virgin porn. i can't wait to see her cherry pop!" "but don't bring Bob, he's a porn virgin. he can't handle seeing that sweet virgin ass!"
by Bandleader November 10, 2005
something that i find hilarious. why? i have a few reasons
number one-virgins are bad in bed. its unrealistic, i dont want a girl who doesnt know what she is doing, i want a girl that can turn me inside out and REALLY make me happy
number 2-they arent virgins. its that simple. a good girl who never had sex before doesnt all of a sudden decide to be in a porno.
number 3-these girls know what they are doing most of the time. they know how to move their body, how to give blowjobs, everything. plain and simple, it aint real.
virgin porn is the lamest porn of them all. that being said, its still porn and is awesome.
by arch king October 28, 2005
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