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Eyes that have never seen the genitals of the opposite sex.
-Jim said that he never seen a womens vagina before not even porn vagina.

-Jessica has never seen a penis and scrotum not even on the internet.

parents: Our children just have virgin eyes honey, lets just show them ours and explain to them how it works.
by virgin megastore March 24, 2010
Virgin eyes is how u can tell if a person did it or not;mostly in girls. It is the innocence, purity, not knowing, not prude just unknowing almost like a child's googly eyed look that a boy/girl have.
Alyssa: I can totally tell that u are a virgin but the look in your eyes and the things u say or dont say or even dont know.
Elizabeth: no u cant the eyes cant say that and stop poking fun at me just because im the typical innocent virgin and choose to wait for marriage.
Alyssa: It's a good thing be proud that u are still one!...and im not makin fun of u i just think its cute how innocent u are.. alomost like a child lol. and yea i can tell from your eyes u can even ask matthew its called "virgin eyes".
by maemae21 May 09, 2006
The fresh way your eyes feel before you look at a computer screen or television set. After five minutes of looking at any glowing rectangle, though, the feeling disappears and is replaced with a slight headache.
Jon: What's wrong?
Mike: Just turned on my computer and lost my virgin eyes.
by RazVper May 01, 2014