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Eyes that have never seen the genitals of the opposite sex.
-Jim said that he never seen a womens vagina before not even porn vagina.

-Jessica has never seen a penis and scrotum not even on the internet.

parents: Our children just have virgin eyes honey, lets just show them ours and explain to them how it works.
by virgin megastore March 24, 2010
33 17
Virgin eyes is how u can tell if a person did it or not;mostly in girls. It is the innocence, purity, not knowing, not prude just unknowing almost like a child's googly eyed look that a boy/girl have.
Alyssa: I can totally tell that u are a virgin but the look in your eyes and the things u say or dont say or even dont know.
Elizabeth: no u cant the eyes cant say that and stop poking fun at me just because im the typical innocent virgin and choose to wait for marriage.
Alyssa: It's a good thing be proud that u are still one!...and im not makin fun of u i just think its cute how innocent u are.. alomost like a child lol. and yea i can tell from your eyes u can even ask matthew its called "virgin eyes".
by maemae21 May 09, 2006
97 52