a normally sexually active male, often a college student, who lures gullible and innocent teenage females into the act of physical intercourse with the intention of stealing their virginity; during this activity the crime of statutory rape is commonly committed.
The engineering student is an avid virgin breaker who attends high school social events on a regular basis attempting to locate targets to support his title.
by Sushi March 06, 2005
Top Definition
a sexually active male individual, often a college undergraduate, who prides himself in persuading young, innocent, and gullible teenage girls into engaging in intercourse with the intention of stripping them of their virginity; the criminal act of statutory rape is often committing during this activity.
The perverted, yet wise engineering student is an avid virgin breaker who frequents high school social events in search of yet untapped, attractive female action.
by Sushi March 08, 2005
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