A person known for homo-erotic fantasizing and furtive social masturbation.

Derived from the German word "Virgschmecken' meaning masturbate inapprorpiately.

the word Virgil also has the tendency to be used to describe a person whom is known to be a child predator.
Dude, that guys is a total Virgil! I saw him at a party the other night. He was playing with himself in the corner, if ya know what I mean!
by homeslice99 February 04, 2010
likes to play gay with friends, but deep down really is... poor friends...
Playing virgil under the table, acting feminine for fun..
by dunkz151 April 02, 2009
A virgin. Someone who's never had sex.
Man, that kid is talking like he's banged half the chicks in school, but he's such a virgil.
by Kappuru September 28, 2005
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