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a brilliant mind. so gentle. so loving.
a man of great physique
funny,forward thinking.

we are unable to truly encompass in a few short words how amazing Vipul is...
example?.. Vipul is a walking example... one which cannot be applied to any other simple situation.. one must just observe he real thing.. sorry no fakers will do..

Long live vipul!
by vipz May 03, 2011
45 16
One whom sleeps more in school than time sleeping at home. The school desk is often mistaken as a bed by people who are named Vipul.
Wake up call! *slaps Vipul*
by Vipul Hater September 19, 2003
40 41
Vipul likes to rectify peoples anuses
Vipul you should be a proctologist
by Ahnold the govenatar o Cali October 10, 2003
18 38
Any person so technologicly inept that he broke his computer beyond repair without even touching it.
"so your hard drive failed just by looking at it?"
"damn your ugly"
by televizzel October 02, 2003
20 43
a loser who thinks its funny to make unfunny definitions of himself on websites such as urban dictionary
Vipul is a girl
by Nuff Griffy May 16, 2004
16 45
A receiver of pelvic thrusts; usually from the same sex. Closely related to fag-tag.
That vipul just took it from the back.
by J Machala September 17, 2003
19 48