Euphemism for Thomas Jefferson's penis, made evident by the musical number "He Plays the Violin" from 1776.
"He plays the violin
He tucks it right under his chin
And he bows, oh he bows
For he knows, yes he knows
That it's high-high-high-diddle diddle
Twixt my heart, Tom and his fiddle
My strings are unstrung
High, high, high, high
I am undone

I hear his violin
And I get that feeling within
And I sigh, oh I sigh
He draws near, very near
And it's high-high-high-diddle diddle
Goodbye to the fiddle
My strings are unstrung
I'm always undone"

-Martha Jefferson
by TheViolinIsHisPenis July 28, 2011
The invisible instrument that your friends or collegues play for you when you sound like a little bitch.
You - Dude, how in the fuck does my boss expect me to do all of this bullshit for him on such short notice?

Me - <<playing an invisible violin>>

by Xx-JC-xX October 14, 2009
A beautiful bowed four-stringed instrument (more strings on the Norwegian variety, the Hardanger fiddle or hardingfele) that is incredibly difficult to play well. There are quite a number of musical pieces that show the technical prowess of players of this instrument.
John's learning to play the violin, and he's getting better and better at it.
by pentozali September 03, 2012
The highest instrument in the string family.
Also the only musical instrument that asian children are permitted to play.
Asian Child: Dad, i want to play the guitar.
Father: Daughter, it's pronounced "violin".
by bob the amazing person October 22, 2012
(noun) A word that symbolizes the female genitalia; not dissimilar to the instrument, the violin, there must be a stick to produce sound. Likewise, it can be performed with a group.
Many have tried to learn the art form of 'playing' the violin, but only a few have truly mastered it.
by McCrapper March 22, 2013
When a cat licks its own private parts, it puts one leg out like the bow of a violin. (verb, Australian)
Aww Jeeze Twinkletoes, do you have to 'do violin' while I am eating my bacon sanga ? Tha'ts just so... In my face !
by Lemonseed June 08, 2012
A)the violin can give a nice sound or sound like a dying cat
B)a very precious item that can cost up to a mill
C)the violin has 4 strings "e a d g"and a bow that has a large lock
of white hoers hairs that makes noise wen rubbed agents the strings
D)the hoers hairs break...a lot
G)the violin has two f holes on the they srly are fs
A)friend picks up violin i go ruing out side "put down my violin and come help me look for that kittay"

B)friend chips f hole "oh well i bet your just rentin...THAT COST 5000 BUCKS!!!"
D)"hey can i see you bow "ya shur but i forgot to loosen the hairs on the bow so dont pull at th...SNAP :*(
G)"dose the f holes like make the sound louder(facepalm)
by nicoooooo July 10, 2010
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