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What the geeks who took beatings in high school are against.
Geek-Violence is not the answer,if you're provoked then run!
Normal person-STFU!If you're provoked you fight back!Only you run because you can't fight!
by LikeYouWouldCare June 16, 2010
The effective answer to everything
I was in an argument with this guy how violence gets nothing accomplished and he wouldn't listen so I broke his jaw.
by Some loser August 18, 2005
Physical harm. The most useless notion ever thought up my mankind. Used by stupid, ignorant people as a solution. The government claims video games cause violence in kids, yet they neglect the millions of acts of violence they themselves commit on a yearly basis throughout the world.
Bomb Iraq, oh yeah, that'll make the Middle East LOVE us.
by some guy February 18, 2004
what you cause when your drunk.
bar brawls cause so much violence
by Klockcavitch May 01, 2006
Physical harm to another person, as in a fight, causing severe pain or death.
I rather use violence as a last resort.
by Saints August 14, 2004
Violence - The act of desctruction or the thought of a destructive manner running through your brain acted out in a series of spasms or sentence of jibberish

2.Something within view that is extremely pleasing and triggers a chaotic effect in your nervous system sending you into twitches
"i just murcielag, violence"

"i had a violent workout today"
by Ryan Lovell April 01, 2004
State of the art thrash metal band from Florida.
It doesn't get much better than Vio-lence.
by catharsis00 December 30, 2010
Probably the second best thing in the world; right before porn.
Right after Conan the Barbarian ravished the witch with his very large wang, he threw her into a fire and crashed at her place until morning, thus were made popular the two greatest things ever: violence and porn.
by Lolacronyms September 11, 2007