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The effective answer to everything
I was in an argument with this guy how violence gets nothing accomplished and he wouldn't listen so I broke his jaw.
by Some loser August 18, 2005
Physical harm. The most useless notion ever thought up my mankind. Used by stupid, ignorant people as a solution. The government claims video games cause violence in kids, yet they neglect the millions of acts of violence they themselves commit on a yearly basis throughout the world.
Bomb Iraq, oh yeah, that'll make the Middle East LOVE us.
by some guy February 18, 2004
Physical harm to another person, as in a fight, causing severe pain or death.
I rather use violence as a last resort.
by Saints August 14, 2004
Violence - The act of desctruction or the thought of a destructive manner running through your brain acted out in a series of spasms or sentence of jibberish

2.Something within view that is extremely pleasing and triggers a chaotic effect in your nervous system sending you into twitches
"i just murcielag, violence"

"i had a violent workout today"
by Ryan Lovell April 01, 2004
Violence is any form of physical contact that supersedes the accepted level associated with any particular social situation. Violence can occur as a result of tension between two conflicting parties and result in the remaining non conflicting parties participating in the same social occasion to feel socially uncomfortable or awkward. Violence can sometimes be mistaken for a subjective view held by a group or individual. This is ,however, often not the case, rather the individual or group is in a social situation they do not understand or are unfamiliar with.
person one: Omg I'm so nervous about this house party I've only been in this country for 2 weeks.
person two: don't be too worried just be yourself and don't get too...
person one: Omg some guy just slapped another guy across the hand! Such violence!
person two: *lol* chill that's just a hi5 it's like a way people greet each other at these things.
by coit105 April 18, 2010
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