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1. to have participated in a sexual act with someone usually against your will.

2. to be ripped off in monetary terms, opften prefixed with 'anally'. See bumrape, definition 2.
1. Tom violated Jo that night.

2. I got anally violated by that car mechanic. Cunt.
by Mercunium September 04, 2003
When something happens to a person that is not wanted.
Zero violated his oatmeal creme pie.
#pie #violation #violated #sexyness #creame
by Zimoon February 12, 2009
When a friend comes and pins you and starts to hump you in a merciless way. But in a sexual way but to cause pain.
Man, scott just pinned me in and started humping me. I feel so violated.
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 25, 2005
To get beat up with a time limit by a gang to join the gang.
Justin was violated and is now a member of the gang.
#violated #gang #violate #beat #up
by reetee August 23, 2009
1. To take full advantage of something.

2. To completely annihilate someone at anything
1. "Man you have completely violated these by one get one free vouchers"

2. "I just got violated on the xbox game"
#raped #rape #owned #beat #won
by Violator10198 March 02, 2008
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