The term being to give an old lady a good rodgering with the aid of lubricant (because she is too old to get wet)
Mr A, sleeps with ol' Mrs Z, with a crusty sensation involved for Mr A. Question is... With all that dryness, does Mrs Z find it a pleasure - Practice the "Vinegar Stroke" tonight and find out for your self!
by twice nightly August 02, 2008
the act of one's silky tip on another's cheek...sleeping or not
dude, i cant believe you just gave me a vinegar stroke
by stone flint May 31, 2004
Kevin Kline's facial expression when "doing his sister" in the 1988 film "A Fish Called Wanda".

That is all. There's nothing more to be defined.
In the movie. Twenty minutes in. Classic example of "vinegar strokes", although he's with his "sister"...
by Sweatty July 22, 2006
Manual clitoral masturbation of a females vagina.
Tarquin realised his luck was in when as soon as he was behind closed doors with Matilda, she had dropped her trolleys and it wasn't long before he was building up the vinegar strokes.
by Bollockhead August 23, 2008
A method of swimming; you have front crawl, back crawl, breasts stroke, butterfly stroke and vinegar stroke. You prepell yourself through the water by girating your hips like your giving it to a woman.
You can prepell yourself backward using the same method...just by doing it on your back.
"and now for the 50 metres vinegar stroke final"
by WouthoR March 25, 2003

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