to go on ones vinegars means going for some me time with a definate orgasmic outcum
I can't come out tonight i'm on my vinegars.

I was being friendly with my partner and just as was coming into the final vinegars I....
by jaffaw July 14, 2009
Fermented ethanol used in culinary practices, but also used as a backhanded racial slur.
Yo, Snoop Dog, pass the vinegar!
by Mr Terence October 25, 2009
a Vietnamese person, that looks like a nigger is considered a vinegar
Person A: are you a nigger?
Person B: no, I'm Vietnamese
Person A: ohhh.. so you are a vinegar!!!
person B: WTF?!?!
by Ashley Willis February 17, 2008
Used to describe an undesirable outcome of a situation or a person who acts or does something merely to gain attention (i.e. a douchebag)

(Ryan Seacrest, being a douchebag, could also be called Vinegar)
Example A:

Person1: "Why didn't you make it to the party last night?"
Person2: "My car broke down..."
Person1: Oh, that's so vinegar!"

Example B:

Person1: "Look at that guy wearing short shorts in the dead of winter!"
Person2: "HAHA! He's so vinegar..."
by Thrashmatik February 11, 2010
Condiment, essential to any honky white man's supper. Tasting of Quail eggs, HE-MAN once remarked "My goodness, i wouldn't be where i am today if it were not for Vinegar's acidity"

Yes Vinegar is tax-free, and for good reason, for indeed a dak chapter of Atlantis' history, is where they tried to tax vinegar, and the city sank like an unsinkable liner without sufficient lifeboats.
"oh man i love vinegar"

"how dare you tax my vin,,,,mnmmmgh,,hmd blop blop blop"
by Jeffrey Douglas August 31, 2006
salty tears

deeply wounded
Vinegar streaked her cheeks.

Her lips tasted of vinegar.

He wiped away the vinegar from his love's cheeks.
by Marie2 February 26, 2006
The most digesting liquid on earth.
I smelled vinegar and almost threw up.
by Daniel Ceeeee August 29, 2007

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