the face a man makes before he cums because it looks like he his smelling vinegar.
i walked in on my parents during the vinegar strokes.
by naughtycatholic January 26, 2012
The face a man makes when he orgasms. It is said that when you look into a man's eyes while he has his Vinegar Strokes, you can see into his soul. Its also the point in sex where you can't stop and have to finish.
Cathy: "So, how was Jeremy last night?"

Jasmine: "Amazing! He has a funny Vinegar Strokes though."


Jake: "Dude, I called. Why didn't you pick up the phone?"

Jeremy: "I wish I could've, but I was in the middle of a Vinegar Strokes."

Jake: "Oh, I understand."
by asstrick September 20, 2011
An old and very descriptive scouse expression depicting male masturbation.

Like the pouring of vinegar on fish & chips, with the bottle and it's bulbous head pointing down the vinegar bottle is shafted repeatedly in a downwards motion to release a tiny squirt of vinegar on every thrust, much like the male orgasm at the end point in which ejaculation is inevitable, coincidently producing a scrunched up face similar to one that has just sniffed vinegar.
Dave: that wank I had last night was lush
Paul: did your face scrunch up when you started on the vinegar strokes?
Dave: aye, it was like being in a chip shop
by danieboy777 February 01, 2015
The absolute point of no return while masturbating for both male and females.
While James Docherty was masturbating, he reached the Vinegar Strokes prematurely, again.
by Edward Brereton September 29, 2011
The face a male makes when about to orgasm as if he has sniffed vinegar under his nose.
I wasn't going to stop, I had vinegar strokes going on.
by Mr.knowitall26453738 November 18, 2010
The arrival of pre-cum when having a sherman.
When answering the phone for example
"Bloody Hell that was bad timing I was just on the vinegar stroke !"
by Chris Craven November 30, 2003
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