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A guy who can entertain you forever. Total pot head though. His voice melts your heart and his looks turn you on to the max. Someone who is a player and comes across as a jerk but when you get to know him, you want him with you forever. Can break your heart with the snap of his fingers and make you cry from happiness with just one text. Seeing him gives you a total lady boner and his skills to sweep you off your feet are perfected. All you want when you see him is him in your bed. A jerk but also the best friend in the world. I love him.
-Woah! Who's that hottie?
-OMG he's such a total Vince right?! Complete chick magnet for me!
-I need to get closer to him! I need him now!
by The Secretive One November 03, 2013
3 1
The sexiest man in da world. Has da biggest wiener of all, bigger than a whale, and it's longer than the equator. Doesn't wank it, but he gets all dem bitches.
-"Bro who's that bro over there with Kate Upton?"
-""Yeah bro, that's Vince"
by RenownedPegasus June 06, 2013
2 1
1.(adj) Vince is a term used to describe someone who is straight, but acts gay in a joking or accidental manner.
"Hey, you guys wanna go to the ashlee simpson concert with me?"
"Fuck that, thats so vince"
by little ben January 08, 2006
146 150
1sensitive 2shy around girls 3makes an ass of himself alot 4people usually make fun of him 5musican 6people have different opinions on how he looks
he's such a vince
by gothicfool January 12, 2009
124 140
Lodging glass in one's body parts, usually occuring when doing something one isn't supposed to.
"Oh man, I accidentally got too close when we were exploding this glass bottle, I got glass in my arm...I totally did a Vince!"
by dimsum183 May 30, 2008
68 85
v. to demonstrate that a person, place, or luxury ocean liner is capable of failure or sustaining doom; to be shown vincible rather than invincible.
Zombie Cap will totally vince the invincible Iron Man.
by Elliot Beter March 31, 2007
87 107
A very handsome guy.

Super smart.

Down to Earth.

Has dimples.
A saint.
Everyone loves him.

Not a phony.

Black belt in Karate.

Guys envy him.


Very loyal to his girlfriend.

Ladies love him.

Ladies want him.

Very sweet guy.

Cooler than Chuck Norris.

Eats Noobs.

Has a body of a Greek God.

Lost twin brother of Jesus.
Is a lover not a fighter.
Hates Justin Bieber.
Loves toast.
-Vince is such a vince.

-Hi Lia and Melinda! Vince was here.
by VinceRphPharmD January 02, 2011
31 60