The sexiest man in da world. Has da biggest wiener of all, bigger than a whale, and it's longer than the equator. Doesn't wank it, but he gets all dem bitches.
-"Bro who's that bro over there with Kate Upton?"
-""Yeah bro, that's Vince"
by RenownedPegasus June 06, 2013
A guy who looks very cute with any types of glasses. Loves to draw and is very good at math.
hey look it's Vince!
yeah what a cutie, i like his glasses so much
by Neear February 19, 2015
A fat belly that burts through the shirt.
Man, I just ate a fat burrito and now I have a little vince hangin out.
by Bill99 May 04, 2009
1.(adj) Vince is a term used to describe someone who is straight, but acts gay in a joking or accidental manner.
"Hey, you guys wanna go to the ashlee simpson concert with me?"
"Fuck that, thats so vince"
by little ben January 08, 2006
1sensitive 2shy around girls 3makes an ass of himself alot 4people usually make fun of him 5musican 6people have different opinions on how he looks
he's such a vince
by gothicfool January 12, 2009
Lodging glass in one's body parts, usually occuring when doing something one isn't supposed to.
"Oh man, I accidentally got too close when we were exploding this glass bottle, I got glass in my arm...I totally did a Vince!"
by dimsum183 May 30, 2008
v. to demonstrate that a person, place, or luxury ocean liner is capable of failure or sustaining doom; to be shown vincible rather than invincible.
Zombie Cap will totally vince the invincible Iron Man.
by Elliot Beter March 31, 2007

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