To clog the bowl when smoking pot.
Your friend passes you the pipe and it's clearly clogged. You would exclaim "Dude! You just handed me a Vinced bowl!"
by *Captain Chaos* January 22, 2008
A manwhore who flirts with your girlfriend when you aren't around
"Look at the Vince, her boyfriend is at the bar and he is all over her."
by Dr. Rip Vonpeniswrinkle August 01, 2009
A massive tool who always does whatever you tell him to.
Charles: Oh my god he's married to someone on facebook! What a tool!
Brian: I know he's such a Vince.
by KittyCatCatCatKat August 15, 2006
He is the sweetest guy in my life ! he was tall, white , and handsome. he is always there to make me smile ! he never let someone hurt me !! he truly love me :"> he give his time to me !! and he can do anything to make me smile :)
Vince is the greatest person in my life !!
by Mihooo December 04, 2011
the act of being a Trent (follower, obnoxious, loud, and likes to get extremely hyphy)
hes sucha vince!
by john waine September 06, 2011
A weird guy who is at least two hundred pounds overweight, but insists on accentuating his flab. Vince's believe in wearing large amounts of Axe Cologne, because as any and every Vince will say, "It attracts the women, you know?"

If you meet a Vince, do not stick around for long. They attempt to be cool, player-types but instead, they fail miserably. All Vince's also like to brag about their conquests with women. However, in reality they are simply making all of it up in order to make themselves feel better.

A Vince will often sag his pants in order to seem attractive to the females but of course, this does not work out because every time a Vince will bend over, you will see much more than you ever wanted to see.
Vince: "Women only want me for pleasure."

Girl: "Shut the hell up fatass!"
by jamminbjayleee July 16, 2010
A guy who can entertain you forever. Total pot head though. His voice melts your heart and his looks turn you on to the max. Someone who is a player and comes across as a jerk but when you get to know him, you want him with you forever. Can break your heart with the snap of his fingers and make you cry from happiness with just one text. Seeing him gives you a total lady boner and his skills to sweep you off your feet are perfected. All you want when you see him is him in your bed. A jerk but also the best friend in the world. I love him.
-Woah! Who's that hottie?
-OMG he's such a total Vince right?! Complete chick magnet for me!
-I need to get closer to him! I need him now!
by The Secretive One November 03, 2013

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