Big manlyness, great body, extremly fine! incrediably sexy, widly fit, sooooooo great looking, extreamly beautifull(inside and out) great voice,very tralented song writer, part of the best band in the world. I LOVE HIM, keep rocking
Once youv'e taster a drop. Your addicted
by Mrs. Valo February 05, 2004
2 hot 4 words
look at his smile and you know.....
by damay December 29, 2003
has the most beautiful eyes and the sexiest smile in the world. an absolute sex god - never has a man looked more gorgeous in eyeliner.
Lyrically sensual, beautiful and powerful.
I hear you weep so far from here, i taste your tears like your next to me.
by Himworshipper1 May 29, 2004
The absolute sexiest guy in the entire world no ifs ands or buts, has the greatest voice, the best body, and extreamly romantic poedic lyrics.
You smiled like an angle
Fallen from grace
Weve been slaves to this love from the moment we touched and keep beggin for more from this reserection
by Him Ville Valo May 04, 2004
A Finnish Love God who brings the romance back into rock.
Listen to his albums--- nothing else has to be said.
by Megan May 09, 2004
What can I say? Ville makes me proud to be a Finnish woman. I also love his eyes, lips and incredible voice. If I only could have him as mine...
"You're all I ever wanted... my love"
by Maria March 08, 2004
prettiest man since Davey Havok.

a Finnish term related to sex.
you'll never be as pretty as Ville Valo.
by Jackie Starks August 12, 2004

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