all the sexiest things in the world rolled into word perfect being.
Long hair, sexy eyes and a voice that could stop someone's heart.
by Eleanor June 05, 2004
The sexiest man ever!!!
Ville You're beautifull
what a wicked thing to do.. to make me dream of you
by linda May 20, 2004
The very goodlooking singer and songwriter of HIM. He drinks and smokes too much and eats too little but most of us still love him because he is so charming. He is also very fun to listen to in interviews, he has a great sense of humour.
Ville Valo writes beautiful music. His voice is wonderful too. Bam Margera steals all his tatoos!
by Beyond Redemption June 24, 2004
The man who can make the numbest of people feel with a passion. his words are meaningful and as an extra he is so hot.
Moving, admirable, damn sexy
by the sheep mistress July 03, 2004
nobody can compete with this man
so fucking hot
and beautiful
by sarah December 22, 2004
The perfectness between the thin line of good and evil, dark and light, right and wrong.. set on earth like a god to please our ears with his voice and music, touch our hearts with his lyrics and delight our eyes with that androgynous beauty that only angels can have...
He´s a beautiful angel of the night
by Ivy September 09, 2004
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