Ville is so beautiful and unreachable, that it makes me wheep, but his voice makes life worth living again.
He is everything I want in a man
Ville doesn't have fans, he has lovers!
by diabolical rapture August 04, 2004
A "Ville Valo" is a dark ethereal creature..The only existing being and successful vocalist of a Finnish band named "HIM".. He is the dragon..complete w/ ring of smoke rising like a halo above his head... and eyes of fire.. He carries a deadly virus deep w/in his heart that causes the now well known disease called fixHIMiation..It's symptoms include yelling, singing, HIM concert-going, crying, swooning, and buying of HIM cd's w/ a small percentage that can experience anal leakage.. Caution: this virus goes straight to the heart and does not stop.. This being, for whatever reason he is here, affects everyone. He is a fierce dragon that will not stop in his continued search for human souls..
not to be confused w/ Barney the Dinosaur... this is quite different..

ex.. a being filled w/ love and death indivisible..a man divided by pain and pleasure..
by Lace Carter June 10, 2004
one touch and he could make my heart explode.
Just one kiss and I'm ready to die
a reason to live
listen to em! there so good!
by emma May 06, 2004
Brat Prince Of Darkness. Cast out from the depths of hell for outshining the Dark Lord himself in beauty.
Ville Valo has the eyes of an angel and the smile of a demon.
by Belladonna April 04, 2004
He looks like a saint, who knows all sins by heart.
Remember the Wicked Game cover version.
by sally666 March 14, 2004
The sex god front man for H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty) a rock-ish (?) band from Finland but is making their debut in the US. A hot, vampire-looking sex god with a sensual, poetic voice.
Ville Valo is my brother, man.
by Rayne March 01, 2004

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